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Peter Watt

Peter Watt has had a lifetime of experience from being a driver and co-driver, which he now shares with teammate Bill Bacon. With Peter in the co-driver seat, the Bacon Motorsports team has been a front runner in the standings and a competitor other teams are constantly on the look out for.

Peter’s motorsports interest began at an early age simply from reading magazines, which occasionally reported on rally events. Not being an idle observer, he began experimenting with all sorts of racing on ice, dirt and tarmac before building a Datson 200 and entering the Tall Pines Rally, where he rolled in his first event!

Since then, Peter improved and won the Production Class in the North American Rally Championship in 1995 and 1996 as a Suzuki Swift driver. Afterward, Peter switched to co-driving and partnered up with Bill Bacon in 2000.

He accompanied Bill Bacon when they were a Suzuki factory team to win the 2004 Production 2 Championship.

Peter’s partnership continues to flourish to this day and the co-driver of choice for Bill Bacon.

First rally in 1966 as a driver in a mini cooper. Always had a fondness for autosports and read about a rally in a magazine. Seemed appealing… In 1990, moved nearby to Rally in Tall Pines. Spectated it, always did some racing and visited race tracks. Rally seemed to combine all his interests. He built a Datsun 200 and entered a rally in 1992. Rolled the car the first time.

If we was going to do it that he would do it right. Suzuki started a class in Canada and sold them. He bought a Swift. Rallied that until 1997. Won some regional championships. Won 1995 and 1996 Production North American Championship with Dick Casey.

Sold the Swift to Sprongl’s wife. Got into co-driving and helped numerous teams.

Began riding with Bill Bacon in 2000.

2004-05 represented Suzuki in Canada with Bill Bacon and won 2004 Prosuction 2 Champ.

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

Rally and Ice Racing in 1965

// About
Name - Peter Watt
Hometown - Peterborough
Occupation - Retired College Teacher

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2013 Lake Superior Performance Rally Super Prod. 4
2013 Ojibwe Forests Rally 2WD 2
2013 Susquehannock Trail Rally 2WD 4
2010 New England Forest Rally Open 3
2010 Susquehannock Trail Rally Open 2
2010 Oregon Trail Rally Open 2
2010 Olympus Rally Open 4
2010 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood Open 3
2010 Sno*Drift Open 3
2009 New England Forest Rally Open 4
Show all results...
2009 Susquehannock Trail Rally Open 3
2009 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood Open 4
2009 Sno*Drift National Rally Open 5
2008 New England Forest Rally Open 4
2008 Susquehannock Trail Rally Open 5
2008 Sno*Drift Open 7
2005 Trails End Group N 2
2005 Oregon or Bust Group N 1
2005 Wagons Ho! Group N 2
2005 Oregon Trail Group N 4
2005 Sno*Drift Group N 6
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