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Catherine Woods

Catherine Woods started out doing rally crosses and quickly moved up into a group 2 car alongside Simon Losier at the National level. Woods helped Losier with the Quebec Rally Championship in 2007. She sat with top driver ACP in a Porsche 911 back in 2007 at the Black Bear Rally in Canada.

Doing less rallies in 2008 after a bad crash at LSPR in 2007, Woods had the opportunity to sit with Christopher Duplessis at the Team O’Neil rally in 2008. They finished first overall in 2WD. The partnership continued at New England Forest Rally where they claimed 1st place in 2WD and the overall win in Group 5.

Woods is guided and mentored by her father Doug Woods, who has been involved in rallying for over 40 years. Woods’ father is the only North American to have ever won a WRC event alongside his driver Walter Boyce at the 1973 Press On Regardless Rally.

Catherine is still to date the youngest journalist at the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) to have been an on-air reporter. She was 19 years old when she first started as a correspondant for the local and national news. Woods covered a variety of different stories such as murders, fires, accidents, sporting events, community news, arts and entertainment and she also had the chance to interview the Pittsburgh Penguins during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

Started out doing rally crosses and Rookie of the Year 2006 in the Quebec Rally Cross Championship.

What are your future goals?

Finishing every rally that I start.

// About
Name - Catherine Woods
Occupation - Junior Project Officer for the Canada Revenue Agency

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2011 Susquehannock Trail Rally 2WD DNF
2011 Sno*Drift Rally 2WD 2
2010 New England Forest Rally 2WD 2
2010 Susquehannock Trail Rally 2WD 1
2010 Olympus Rally 2WD 1
2010 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood 2WD 1
2010 Sno*Drift 2WD 1
2009 10,000 Lakes Group 5 1
2009 Paul Bunyan's Ride Group 5 3
2009 Berlin Rally Group 2 1
Show all results...
2009 Drive Your Future Rally Group 5 1
2009 Team O'Neil Rally Group 5 1
2008 New England Forest Rally 2WD 1
2008 New England Forest Rally Group 5 1
2008 Team O'Neil Rally Group 5 1
2008 Team O'Neil Rally 2WD 1
2007 Lake Superior Rally Prod. GT DNF
2007 New England Forest Rally Group 2 2
2007 New England Forest Rally 2WD 3
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