CoDriver // Zachary Jacques

Zachary Jacques

I’ve long been a fan of rallying, and after attending Sno*Drift one year I was sold. The environment of rally is inexplicably intoxicating—the cars with their ALS/LC popping and BOVs chirping, the crews bustling to perform miraculous fixes in a short time frame, and Pros competing alongside (more or less) amateurs. A friend and I started budgeting and pipe-dreaming about racing. I planned on volunteering and learning as much as possible. To be honest I never could have hope to be this involved so soon. Thanks to Plastic Dress-Up Service and the amazing people who work so hard there, my father and I were able to enter our first event at Sno*Drift 2014! After a roll-over on our first night stage, repairs in sub-zero temperatures, little to no sleep, reentry into the second day and finally a finish—we’re hooked!!

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

Sno*Drift 2014! No crew on day one;no-start at parc expose’; roll on the first night stage; righted by amazing/crazy rally fans; wrenching to the wee hours in the bitter cold; back to race on Saturday;finished!

What are your future goals?

Compete in and FINISH as many events as possible and improve as a co-driver, driver and impromptu team coordinator.

// About
Name - Zachary Jacques
Hometown - Dryden, MI
Occupation - Student/Managerial and Expansionary Intern at Plastic Dress-Up Service

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2018 Sno*Drift Summer National Super Prod. DNF
2018 Sno*Drift Summer Super Prod. DNF
2018 Scioto Trail Rally Open Light 2
2018 Southern Ohio Forests Rally Open Light 1
2018 Southern Ohio Forests Rally Open Light 3
2018 Sno*Drift Rally Open Light DNF
2017 Scioto Forest Rally National Super Prod. 9
2017 Zaleski Forest Rally National Super Prod. 3
2016 Lac View Desert Open Light 11
2016 Ottawa Rally Open Light 11
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2016 SnoDrift Summer Group 2 DNF
2016 Tresspassers Wil Open Light DNF
2016 Drift Regional Open Light 6
2016 Sno Regional Open Light 5
2015 Lac View Desert Open 2
2015 Ottawa Rally Open 1
2015 Sno*Drift Summer Rally Open Light 3
2015 Sherwood Forest Open Light DNF
2015 100 Acre Wood Open Light 4
2015 Tresspassers Wil Open Light 13
2015 Drift Regional Open Light 8
2015 Sno Regional Open Light 9
2014 Ottawa Rally Open Light 8
2014 Finger Lakes Open Light DNF
2014 Sherwood Forest Open Light DNF
2014 Tresspassers Wil Open Light DNF
2014 Drift Regional Open Light 11
2014 Sno Regional Open Light DNF
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