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Matthew Johnson

Matthew’s knack for having complete control just out of reach began when he was a super-pudgy two year old plummeting down his parents’ steps under the “RJ Fatso” moniker. Lucky for him, the name and the fat didn’t stick, but the love of being on the edge never faded. Watching a rally video in high school was like looking into a crystal ball and MJ immediately knew what his future would hold. To keep the dream alive he attended a couple rally schools while completing his International Business degree in London. Shortly after returning to the US Matthew’s 1988 VW GTI turned into rally car and he stood on his class podium in the 2000 Cherokee Hills ClubRally. A couple years later, with the confidence of several giant killing performances in the VW, he took 2004 off to build a WRX for the move to the next level, Production GT.
In 2006 and 2007, MJ won the National Production GT title after finishing 18 rallies in a row over three seasons. And in 2008 sponsors RalliSpec and Hankook Tire took Matthew to Open class where he confronted the best drivers in the county and still managed to stand on the overall podium at 100AW and STPR. If you are still asking “Who the Fu*k is Matthew Johnson?” you should have been at X Games 14 when Matthew took an all but famous STI with graphics like a smashed bag of Skittles over the gap to 6th place finish. Known for self-designed t- shirts with flair, MJ may have more nicknames on the books than any other driver. Matthew rallies the hearts of his fans, brings a party everywhere he goes, and keeps everyone guessing because you (and he) never know what to expect next.
UPDATE Jan 2014
After two seasons as the host for the Rally America season coverage Matthew has accepted a role as driver in the Scion Racing RallyxD.

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

Autocross with Tarheel Sports Car Club in Rocky Mount, NC- June 1995
Result was 1st place Rookie, 3rd Place ES in my 1988 VW GTI 16v
My Dad showed up to watch, I was really proud to show him how well I was doing.

What are your future goals?

Lead a great rally team to a competitive season and enjoy the process.

// About
Name - Matthew Johnson
Hometown - San Diego, CA
Occupation - Rally Driver

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2016 New Hampshire Rally Group 5 DNF
2016 Maine Rally Group 5 DNF
2014 New England Forest Rally 2WD 2
2014 Oregon Trail 2WD DNF
2014 100 Acre Wood 2WD 2
2014 Sno*Drift Rally 2WD 1
2011 TWIN PEAKS 2WD Super 2
2010 LLCote Group 5 6
2010 Mexico Rally Group 5 4
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2009 Oregon Trail Rally Super Prod. DNF
2009 Olympus Rally Super Prod. DNF
2009 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood Super Prod. 1
2009 Sno*Drift National Rally Super Prod. 5
2008 New England Forest Rally Open DNF
2008 Susquehannock Trail Rally Open 3
2008 Oregon Trail Rally Open DNF
2008 Olympus Rally Open 5
2008 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood Open 3
2008 Sno*Drift Open 4
2007 Lake Superior Rally Prod. GT 1
2007 Rally Colorado Prod. GT 1
2007 Ojibwe Forests Rally Prod. GT DNF
2007 New England Forest Rally Open 7
2007 Susquehannock Trail Rally Prod. GT 1
2007 Olympus Rally Prod. GT 1
2007 Oregon Trail Rally Prod. GT DNF
2007 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood Prod. GT DNF
2007 Sno*Drift Rally Prod. GT 1
2006 Lake Superior Prod. GT 1
2006 Colorado Cog Prod. GT 1
2006 Ojibwe Forests Prod. GT 1
2006 Maine Forest Prod. GT 3
2006 Susquehannonck Trail Prod. GT 1
2006 Oregon Trail Prod. GT 1
2006 100 Acre Wood Prod. GT 2
2005 Lake Superior Prod. GT 2
2005 Colorado Cog Prod. GT 2
2005 Ojibwe Forests Rally Prod. GT 1
2005 Maine Forest Rally Prod. GT 1
2005 Pikes Peak Int'l Hill Climb Prod. GT 2
2005 Oregon Trail Prod. GT 2
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