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Martin Brady

I started rallying as a spectator as a very young boy in 1991 watching
the circuit of Ireland which had a stage starting outside my gate. I
was hooked by a certain Mr Colin McRae in his GrpN Sierra.

My first stage rally was in 2000 on the Dunlop “Rally of Ireland” in a
Ford Sierra.
In 2012 I reach a milestone of my 250th rally and I have sat with over 70 drivers.
My favourite rally car that I sat in was an ex works Ford Escort Cosworth.
My favourite result was winning Ravens Rock Irish National Rally with
Ray Breen.
My toughest rally was Monte Carlo
My furthest rally from home was Mexico
My biggest accident was Black River Stages and happily my only injury a broken foot.
In 2011 I was second o/a in the Canadian National Championship with a run of 6 podiums and an overall win in Tall Pines.
I am not superstitious but that said I always put my left shoe on
first and I say 12.5 rather than 13!
My birthday is February and I am 32

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

Spectating on the famous Circuit of Ireland rally outside my house in 1991 as a kid

What are your future goals?

To win another North American Rally.

// About
Name - Martin Brady
Hometown - Galway Ireland
Occupation - Police Officer

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2018 Lake Superior Performance Rally 2WD 2
2018 Southern Ohio Forests Rally 2WD 1
2018 100 Acre Wood 2WD 1
2017 Lac View Desert (NAT) 2WD 2
2017 Ottawa Rally (NAT) 2WD DNF
2017 Scioto Forest Rally National 2WD DNF
2017 Zaleski Forest Rally National 2WD 1
2017 100 Acre Wood Nat 2WD 1
2017 Tresspassers Wil Nat 2WD 2
2017 Drift National Open DNF
Show all results...
2017 Sno National Open 4
2016 Lake Superior Performance Rally Nat. Ltd. Open 2
2016 Ojibwe Forests Rally Nat. Ltd. Open 1
2016 New England Forest Rally Nat. Ltd. Open 1
2016 Susquehannock Trail Rally Nat. Ltd. Open 1
2016 100 Acre Wood Nat. Ltd. Open 1
2016 Sno*Drift Rally Open DNF
2015 New England Forest Rally Open DNF
2014 Susquehannock Trail Rally 2WD DNF
2013 Seed 9 Open 1
2013 New Hampshire Rally Open 1
2013 Maine Rally Open 5
2013 New England Forest Rally Open 5
2013 Cow Mountain Stages Open 1
2013 Mendocino Rally Open 1
2013 Bear Valley Stages Open 1
2012 Olympus Rally Open DNF
2012 New England Forest Rally Open DNF
2012 Susquehannock Trail Rally Open DNF
2012 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood Open DNF
2012 Sno*Drift Rally Open 9
2011 New England Forest Rally Open DNF
2010 New England Forest Rally Open 2
2010 New England Forest Rally Open DNF
2008 Sno*Drift Open 8
2007 Lake Superior Rally Open 5
2007 Ojibwe Forests Rally Prod. GT 4
2007 Sno*Drift Rally Open DNF
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