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Adam Yeoman

Adam Yeoman and the FY Racing team have shown remarkable improvement in the 2014 Rally America Championship. The 2011 Rally America Rookie of the Year has three career podium finishes, most recently at the Oregon Trail Rally.  He started as a rally fan of the Lake Superior Performance Rally held in his hometown when he was in high school. Shortly after that, he bought a 1999 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, but was distracted for a few years when he and co-driver and friend Jordan Schulze performed with the melodic punk band The Hurt Process in the Van’s Warped Tour. When the tour ended, the two decided to focus on rallying.

“Since I wasn’t touring anymore I felt it was the right time to pursue my passion for motorsports and that came in the form of rally,” Yeoman said about the change in his focus. “My co-driver Jordan and I redeveloped a Super Production car into our first Open-class car and the rest is history.”

His most memorable rally accolade was when the team won the LSPR in 2011, the year it was a regional-only event.

“Every time I’m in the seat I’m having fun.  That’s what this is all about,” Yeoman said. “Nothing feels better than bringing home a first-place finish on home turf!”

Another memorable rally event, yet not one he hopes to repeat was at STPR in 2011 when the team had a frightening crash and rollover. 

“The scariest moment would have to be last year at STPR when we rolled several times and didn’t finish,” Yeoman said. “There’s a video of it floating around on YouTube and you can see/hear that we tried to keep going after landing on the wheels but the car wasn’t having any of it.”

However, 2011 was overall a great year for FY Racing as Yeoman was selected Rally America’s Rookie of the Year, ending the season in fifth overall.

With a great start in 2014, the team’s goal is to keep up the momentum, often a challenge when you’re competing against some of the top factory teams.

“We’re still a relatively new team, but our car’s better. Although our engine was built by Vermont Sports Car, we do everything else ourselves including the fabrication,” Yeoman said. “I hope we can finish the season in second or third.”

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

When I was in high school I used to spectate at Press On Regardless Rally (now LSPR) and always thought it was awesome.

// About
Name - Adam Yeoman
Hometown - Houghton, MI
Occupation - Entrepreneur
Website -
Facebook -
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Youtube -

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2015 Lake Superior Performance Rally Open 2
2015 Ojibwe Forests Rally Open DNF
2015 New England Forest Rally Open DNF
2015 Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally Open 2
2015 Olympus Open 2
2015 Oregon Trail Open 2
2015 100 Acre Wood Open DNF
2015 Sno*Drift Rally Open DNF
2014 Lake Superior Performance Rally Open 2
2014 Ojibwe Forests Rally Open 2
Show all results...
2014 New England Forest Rally Open 3
2014 Mt. Washington Hillclimb Open 6
2014 Susquehannock Trail Rally Open DNF
2014 Oregon Trail Open 3
2014 100 Acre Wood Open 3
2014 Sno*Drift Rally Open 4
2013 Lake Superior Performance Rally Open DNF
2013 Ojibwe Forests Rally Open 3
2013 New England Forest Rally Open DNF
2013 Susquehannock Trail Rally Open DNF
2013 Oregon Trail Rally Open DNF
2013 100 Acre Wood Rally Open 4
2013 Sno*Drift Rally Open 5
2012 Olympus Rally Open DNF
2012 New England Forest Rally Open 4
2012 Susquehannock Trail Rally Open DNF
2012 Oregon Trail Rally Open 3
2012 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood Open 4
2012 Sno*Drift Rally Open 6
2011 New England Forest Rally Open 4
2011 Susquehannock Trail Rally Open DNF
2011 Oregon Trail Rally Open 4
2011 Olympus Rally Open 5
2011 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood Open 5
2011 Sno*Drift Rally Open 5
2010 Headwaters Open Light 1
2010 Paul Bunyan's Ride Open Light 1
2010 Nemadji Trails 3a Open Light 2
2010 Nemadji Trails 3b Open Light 1
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