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Anthony Concha

Anthony Concha was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1986. Racing has always been a part of his family. His mother’s side of the family has been involved in Rally racing for many years in their home country of Ecuador – South America. From a very early age Anthony was introduced into racing by family and friends. Attending rallies, being part of the service crew and riding along with team members awoke the racing bug in him.

His Uncle Victor and Cousin John were very active in the rally scene in Ecuador both participating in 6 “Vuelta a la Republica del Ecuador” Rallies as well as competing in the national rally series.

Anthony was able to be part of these rally teams, first as a spectator and later on as an actual crew member. Whether it was cleaning a windshield to changing a tire to assisting the lead mechanic he was always involved in some capacity. Learning from his family he hoped to someday be able to participate himself. He carefully studied driving techniques and asked many questions to his family and even other competitors. It was always know around the service area that Anthony wanted to be around motorsports when he grew up.

Anthony played soccer for Penn State University and later received a degree in Finance.

Never losing sight of pursuing a career in motorsports he was highly active in SCCA Autocross and Time Attack type events.  Pursing a motorsports career is pretty hard in Philadelphia. Philly is a sports city and it’s known for the usual stick and ball sports but definitely not for racing. Anthony hopes to change that someday , his dream is to one day represent his city in motorsports.

Since then he has become a regional competitor in Rally America events in the Group 2 class. This class is very competitive class as it houses the majority of 2wd vehicles. He has participated in various Stage Rally and Rallycross events. He hopes to keep gaining seat time so that someday he can compete in the upper echelons of Rally competition.

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Compete and finish STPR 2013.

// About
Name - Anthony Concha
Hometown - Philadelphia, PA
Occupation - Strategic Programs Coordinator

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2016 Finger Lakes Group 5 DNF
2016 Susquehannock Trail Rally 2WD DNF
2016 Sherwood Forest Group 5 5
2016 Trails End Group 5 3
2016 Shunpiker Stages Group 5 3
2016 Wagons Ho! Group 5 5
2016 Oregon Trail 2WD 7
2016 100 Acre Wood Group 5 DNF
2016 Tresspassers Wil Group 5 3
2016 100 Acre Wood 2WD DNF
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2015 Show-Me Rally Group 5 1
2015 Finger Lakes Group 5 6
2015 Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally 2WD 3
2015 Sherwood Forest Group 5 6
2015 Waste Management Winter Rally Group 5 4
2014 Finger Lakes Group 5 1
2014 Sherwood Forest Group 5 3
2013 Finger Lakes Group 2 DNF
2013 Sherwood Forest Group 2 14
2011 Finger Lakes Group 2 DNF
// RallyCross Results
Year Event Class Finish
2012 U.S. Rallycross Series #1 2WD-L 6
2012 U.S. Rallycross Series #2 2WD-L 7
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