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Mark Tisdel

Mark Tisdel was born on March 31 1988, in Newark Delaware. Mark got into racing and cars at an early age due to his father, who was an auto mechanic with GM and a huge NASCAR fan. The passion for cars and driving never stopped. Mark always enjoyed racing Go-karts, working on cars, and simple driving like mowing grass. At the age of seven Mark got into Rally while down state at his grandmother’s house. She was the only person he knew that had the Speed Channel on T.V. All Summer long they were playing the 1995 WRC. Mark was immediately drawn to the Subaru’s. Fast Forward to the present, Mark is building a 1995 STi Rally car of his own to compete in the Rally America Championship! Keep an eye out for this very friendly guy at the rally events, He is always willing to help out in any way!

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

SCCA Rallycross

What are your future goals?

Run in as many rally events as possible to gain experience. Building my own car so I want to test and see what is reliable and what works, and see what doesn’t. Helping the Concha Brothers teams.

// About
Name - Mark Tisdel
Hometown - Newark, DE
Occupation - Music Equipment Retail and Tech, Rail Operator.

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2017 Scioto Forest Rally National 2WD DNF
2017 Scioto Forest Rally Group 5 DNF
2017 Zaleski Forest Rally Group 5 2
2017 Zaleski Forest Rally National 2WD 13
2017 100 Acre Wood Nat 2WD 15
2017 100 Acre Wood 2WD 9
2017 Tresspassers Wil Nat 2WD 15
2017 Tresspassers Wil 2WD 8
2016 Finger Lakes Group 5 DNF
2016 Susquehannock Trail Rally 2WD DNF
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2016 Sherwood Forest Group 5 5
2015 Show-Me Rally Group 5 1
2015 Finger Lakes Group 5 6
2015 Sherwood Forest Group 5 6
2015 Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally 2WD 3
2015 Waste Management Winter Rally Group 5 4
2014 Finger Lakes Group 5 1
2014 Sherwood Forest Group 5 3
2013 Finger Lakes Group 2 DNF
2013 Sherwood Forest Group 2 14
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