Driver // Rob Weir

Rob Weir

In 2002, Rob began his stint at Ford SVT and Ford Racing, where he attended many track, drag, and karting events. He would continue to improve his driving skills at these events over the next several years. In 2004, he went to Sno*-Drift Rally to see his first rally event in person. He was hooked. In 2006, Rob began his career at Subaru. His nickname became ‘Weirwolf’, and thus the Wolf Rally Team name.

In 2012, Rob took an impressive seven podiums in eight Rally America Events:

2011 Perryville Farm and Forest Rally Champion.

2012 Sno* Regional Raly - 1st Place Open Light.

2012 Drift Regional Rally - 3rd Place Open Light.

2012 Trespassers Wil Regional Rally - 2nd Place Open Light.

2012 100 Acre Wood Regional - 2nd Place Open Light.

2012 Lou Fusz Honey Jar Challenge, 3rd Place.

2012 New Hampshire Rally - 1st Place Open Light.

In 2013, Rob made his Open Class debut at 100 Acre Wood, where he claimed 2nd in class for both regional events with codriver Dan Norkus.

In June of 2013, Rob was promoted Motorsports Manager for Subaru of America. He now oversees all racing functions for Subaru, including Subaru Rally Team USA, the Subaru Global Rallycross Team, and contingency programs with SCCA and Rally America.

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

Rob’s first experience in motorsports were track days with Ford Racing. He did both track and drag racing events throughout the United States.

What are your future goals?

Run at the front of the pack in our Open Class Subaru.

// About
Name - Rob Weir
Hometown - Cincinnati, OH
Occupation - District Manager, Subaru of America

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2014 Finger Lakes Open DNF
2014 Sherwood Forest Open 2
2013 100 Acre Wood Open 2
2013 Tresspassers Wil Open 2
2012 New Hampshire Rally Open Light 1
2012 Maine Rally Open Light DNF
2012 100 Acre Wood Open Light 2
2012 Tresspassers Wil Open Light 2
2012 Drift Regional Rally Open Light 3
2012 Sno*Regional Rally Open Light 1
Show all results...
2011 Perryville Farm and Forest 1 Open Light 1
2011 Perryville Farm and Forest 2 Open Light 1
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