Driver // Futoshi Murase

Futoshi Murase

Participation to Central Rally Championship from 2003. Transferred his stage to the Japanese National Rally Championship from 2005, 
JN2 class rankings 3th All Japan Rally Championship in 2007. He changed his machine to FD2 Civic Type R from EK9 Civic Type R, and step up to JN3 class in 2008. 2nd of JN3 class in 2008, and he finally won the championship of Japanese Rally Championship JN3 class in 2009. He changed his machine to the Lancer Evo9, and step up to JN4 class in 2010. He lives in the United States for his job transfer in 2011. Started the competition into the Rally America since 2013.

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

Circuit run in Japan

What are your future goals?

Podium Finish

// About
Name - Futoshi Murase
Hometown - Gifu, Japan
Occupation - Car Engineer

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2015 Lake Superior Performance Rally 2WD 1
2015 Ojibwe Forests Rally 2WD 2
2013 Lake Superior Performance Rally 2WD 5
2013 100 Acre Wood Rally 2WD 7
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