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Reid Andress

I’ve been racing in autocross, rallycross, track days, ice racing and karts for years; but have always enjoyed loose surface competition the most.

I was first introduced to rally as a spectator at LSPR while I was growing up.  Since that time, I’ve been crewing and working as a volunteer as frequently as my schedule has allowed.  I’ve been enjoying the transition to the drivers seat.

How did you get started in Rally or Rallycross?

I heard about autocross for the first time when I was in highschool - and have been racing in a variety of events since.  I started crewing for a rally team and volunteering at rallies shortly after I began autocrossing, and grew up watching LSPR.

What are your future goals?

Collect seat time in our new open class car, and push our pace beyond our performance in group 2 last season.

// About
Name - Reid Andress
Hometown - Hancock, MI

// Career Results
Year Event Class Finish
2017 Ottawa Rally (NAT) Nat. Ltd. Open DNF
2017 Scioto Forest Rally National Nat. Ltd. Open 1
2017 Zaleski Forest Rally National Nat. Ltd. Open DNF
2017 Drift National Nat. Ltd. Open 1
2017 Sno National Nat. Ltd. Open 1
2016 Sno*Drift Rally Nat. Ltd. Open DNF
2015 Lac View Desert Open 6
2015 Ottawa Rally Open 4
2015 Drift Regional Group 2 3
2015 Sno Regional Group 2 2
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2014 Ottawa Rally Group 2 DNF
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