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Lake Superior

October 21 - 22, 2006

Houghton, MI

National Rally Championship Event
Associated Events: Keweenaw ClubRally, Ottawa ClubRally
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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 O Ken Block / Alessandro Gelsomino 1:32:37.0
2 O Tim O'Neil / Martin Headland 1:33:01.7
3 O Travis Pastrana / Christian Edstrom 1:33:07.7
4 O Chris Gilligan / Joe Petersen 1:36:47.0
5 PGT Matthew Johnson / Kim DeMotte 1:36:51.4
6 GN Jonathan Bottoms / Carolyn Bosley 1:39:48.4
7 O Dennis Martin / Alexander Kihurani 1:40:23.4
8 O Doug E Shepherd / Pete Gladysz 1:41:22.3
9 O Henry Krolikowski / Cynthia Krolikowski 1:41:56.9
10 PGT Bryan Pepp / Jerry Stang 1:44:05.3
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  • Travis Pastrana is looking to wrap up the overall national championship this weekend.
  • Tim O'Neil driving CPD-1.
  • Chris Gordon going a little wide.
  • Young driver Kyle Sarasin on the practice stage.
  • ACP throwing up a wall of dirt.
  • Ken Block at Parc Expose.
  • Tim O'Neil was first on the road on SS1.
  • Travis started third.
  • Johnson drifting through the red dirt on SS3.
  • The Rally America truck at Parc Expose.
  • Pastrana talking to the fans at Parc.
  • Cowboy Kenny.
  • Iorio on SS1.  He later crashed on SS2.
  • PGT Champ Matt Johnson drifting on SS1.
  • Sarasin on stage 1.
  • Brian Pepp in a PGT Impreza.
  • Chad Eixenberger swinging around the back end of his VW.
  • Travis near the end of SS3.
  • An Evo IV sliding around the corner.
  • Utecht throwing up a rooster tail.
  • Jim Cox in the rally truck.
  • 17 yr old Kyle Sarasin doing an interview.
  • Background is a blur.
  • Bottoms in the Group N Impreza.
  • Dave Anton with a nice drift on SS1.
  • The Integra Type-R of Evan Moen.
  • BentMettle Racing on SS3.
  • People lining up for some hot chili at Kenton Service.
  • Tim O'Neil on SS6.  He sits third after Friday night.
  • Ken Block is in second place after Friday.
  • Some very soft dirt on this corner on stage 6.
  • Borowicz was first overall in the Ottawa Regional Rally.
  • Kendall is leading Group 5.
  • Hanson on SS6.
  • After Friday, Group 2 is lead by Jim Robinson.
  • A Saturn surrounded by dirt.
  • Roadside repairs on the #569 car after stage 6.
  • Greenhouse on SS6.
  • Moro on Brockway.  This was SS12.
  • McCleary jumping nicely on Brockway.  He landed very soft.
  • Trying to continue his consecutive finish streak at LSPR, Chris Czyzio gets some air on SS12.
  • Some damage on the side of car #686.
  • Travis Hanson shortly before he went off the road on SS11.
  • Robinson on SS11.
  • Heitkamp through the darkness on SS6.
  • Otis Dimiters congratulating Matt Johnson at Parc Expose on Saturday.
  • The car gather in Calumet on Saturday morning.
  • Big jump for Travis the first time through Brockway.
  • Ken Block at the end of Gratiot Lake I.
  • Kyle flying high.
  • Signing autographs for a fan at Parc Expose.
  • Tim O'Neil at the end of the Gratiot Lake stage.
  • Shepherd splashing his way to seventh overall.
  • Kendall won Group 5.
  • Scars on the pavement at Brockway.
  • Johnson successfully finished the race to clinch the National PGT Championship.
  • Kenny with the VW up on two wheels.
  • Payeur with a nice jump in the VR-4.
  • An impressive jump by Chris Gordon.
  • The cars line up for SS15 which was Gratiot Lake II.
  • More autographs.
  • Matt Johnson and Kim DeMotte congratulating each other for a successful weekend and season.
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