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Susquehannonck Trail

June 3, 2006

Wellsboro, PA

National Rally Championship Event
Associated Events: Finger Lakes, Sherwood Forest
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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 O Matthew Iorio / Ole Holter 1:44:13.0
2 O Travis Pastrana / Christian Edstrom 1:45:03.2
3 O Lauchlin O'Sullivan / Scott Putnam 1:45:07.5
4 O Andrew Pinker / Robbie Durant 1:46:51.3
5 O Antoine L'Estage / Mark Williams 1:47:01.3
6 O Thomas Lawless / Brian Sharkey 1:49:09.2
7 O Wyeth Gubelmann / Cynthia Krolikowski 1:52:17.0
8 G5 Doug E Shepherd / Pete Gladysz 1:52:17.5
9 GN Otis Dimiters / Alan Ockwell 1:52:41.2
10 O Chris Gilligan / Joe Petersen 1:52:56.6
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Matthew Iorio

Matthew Iorio


Ole Holter

Ole Holter

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  • Bottoms debuting the new car at this event.
  • Andrew Pinker
  • Nathalie Richard doing interviews at Parc Expose.
  • Lauchlin O'Sullivan
  • Seamus and Nathalie
  • The Sprongl's were first through SS1.
  • Ken Block slid through the corner and got high-centered on some hay bales.
  • The hay bales were left in the middle of the road and Travis had to blow right through them.
  • L'Estage flying down stage 1.
  • Matt slide wide and bumped off the guardrail.
  • Leaving the spectator area.
  • Spectators filled the woods at the Asaph picnic area.
  • Burke and Beavis on SS3.
  • SRT USA driver Travis Pastrana in the Colton Point spectator area on SS3.
  • O'Sullivan driving a clean race.
  • Another Canadian entry Jon Nichols in the GTI.
  • Olson slid wide and hit the bank.
  • Putting on a show in front of the cameras.
  • Andrew Havas and John Dillon in the fun to watch RWD Mazda.
  • Another Mazda.  This one FWD.
  • Kicking up mud and gravel.
  • Spectators get to be a part of the action.
  • Many cars crashed into the bank.  Downs tweaked his suspension with this hit.
  • Tim Stevens coming through SS3 nice and tidy.
  • Sending the spectators running from the mud.
  • Miller and Rhodes in the Prelude.
  • Rutledge needed a little help from the marshals.
  • Ken Block during the lunch break.
  • Pastrana and Edstrom going around the hairpin on SS5.
  • Setting up the Scandanavian Flick.
  • L'Estage on SS5.
  • Dedo just before the hairpin.
  • Langbein while leading the PGT class.
  • Lifting the inside rear wheel off the ground.
  • Tanner trying to make up time.
  • Havas setting up the flick.
  • Rally Golf of Reilly and Felice.
  • Powering through the corner.
  • Cozzie drifting through the corner.
  • Duplessis driving his G2 Golf hard.
  • Jones went up on two wheels.
  • Soy Power
  • Handbrake turn with the rear wheel locked.
  • Classic Datsun 280Z driven by Greg Healey.
  • Karen Wagner not watching where they're going.
  • Iorio flinging mud on SS8.
  • The Sprongls before they crashed out of the race on the next stage.
  • Tom entering the hairpin on SS8.
  • Sparks coming off the front brakes.
  • Matt Johnson pushing hard after his transmission problems earlier in the day.
  • Cutting the
  • Tanner also turned a little too early.
  • Kendall and Fryberg on SS8.
  • Lights streaking around the hairpin.
  • Tom Young sliding nicely.
  • Thompson taking the corner while Ronnie takes a photo.
  • Champagne spray
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