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New England Forest Rally

July 13, 2007

Bethel, ME

Eastern Regional Rally

Rough and rugged logging roads with some of the longest stage roads on the circuit set the tone for the New England Forest Rally. Always a favorite with drivers due to the technical demands of the course, this rally is also a crowd pleaser because of its stunning scenery and wildlife. Quintessential northeastern settings such as winding creeks and one lane bridges add not only beauty to the race, but also added excitement when encountered by drivers at breakneck speeds.

Parent Event: New England Forest Rally
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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 G2 Christopher Duplessis / Martin Headland 25:37.8
2 O John Cassidy / Dave Getchell 27:12.0
3 O Michael O'Leary / John O'leary 27:28.2
4 G5 Gregory Healey / John Macleod 27:38.7
5 P James Robinson / Andrew Jessup 27:47.9
6 G2 Joseph Burke / Christine Beavis 28:42.1
7 P Nick Lehner / Don DeRose 31:32.2
8 P Richard Spaulding / Niall Johnson 31:41.5
9 G2 Joao Ferreira / Dustin Robinson 35:31.4
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Warm, dry weather is consistent with summertime in Maine and New Hampshire. Spectators normally enjoy bright blue skies, which can make watching the rally cars fly by even more fun. However, drivers know that the dry weather can lead to dusty, rocky roads where visibility is limited and hitting a stray boulder by the side of the road can be a common and disastrous occurrence. And because the logging roads are actively used by logging trucks during the week they can be rutted up and difficult to maneuver through, testing all of the drivers’ skills.

Sunday River Resort (HEADQUARTERS),  (207) 824-3000

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