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Ojibwe Forests Rally

August 24, 2007

Bemidji, MN

Central Regional Rally

Smooth, fast roads, fantastic weather, and nighttime stages make this 6th rally on the circuit one of the best for spectators. It is also a late season chance for drivers to up their points within the Championship Series and push for a top standing at the end of the season.

Parent Event: Ojibwe Forests Rally
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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 G5 Mark Utecht / Robert Bohn 1:15:42.4
2 O Dave Hintz / John Dillon 1:17:45.2
3 O Dmitri Kishkarev / Hugh Hutchinson 1:18:04.4
4 O Jeff Moyle / Michael Yarroch 1:20:30.0
5 O Donald Kennedy / Matthew Kennedy 1:20:43.1
6 O Henry Krolikowski / Cynthia Krolikowski 1:21:15.5
7 P Jan Zedril / Jody Zedril 1:22:41.2
8 G2 Chad Eixenberger / Jay Luikart 1:22:54.1
9 O Kazimierz Pudelek / Mariusz Malik 1:24:32.8
10 PGT Martin Mennig / Ryan Schnell 1:25:04.4
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Mark Utecht

Mark Utecht


Robert Bohn

Robert Bohn

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The roads at Ojibwe are fast and smooth, and drivers often cite this rally as one of their favorite races- although the roads are demanding, they are also extremely fun to navigate. Spectacular summer weather means that this rally is a favorite for spectators too! However, Ojibwe’s roads are also marked by soft, sandy spots, which can create trouble for rally teams, as sand can slow cars down and make it difficult to make up for time lost. This means that co-drivers need to be especially accurate with their instructions, as many a top podium spot has been lost to the sand.

Northern Inn Hotel and Suites (HEADQUARTERS), Hwy 2 West, Bemidji, MN 56601. Phone - (218) 444-9500

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