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Gravity Park

May 23, 2009

Chilton, WI

Central Regional Rally

The Gravity Park Off-Road Facility is home to a full contingent of rallycross and coeffecient 1 rally events throughout the year. Perfect for first-time and returning rally teams, the Gravity Park Twin Performance Rallys provides a one-stop-shop compound to experience a wide range of road conditions in a safe environment.

No transits between stages are required, therefore non-street legal cars are welcome to participate in the rally. Teams can set up service in the middle of the stages and instantly be ready to rally. 

Many recognizable and successful national Rally America drivers began their careers at Gravity Park.

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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 O Dustin Kasten / Corina Soto 18:08.4
2 L Janusz Topor / Michal Kaminski 18:10.2
3 PGT Heath Nunnemacher / Heidi Nunnemacher 18:19.8
4 G2 Chad Eixenberger / John Huebbe 18:22.2
5 G2 Chris Greenhouse / Matt Nichols 18:39.6
6 L Mason Moyle / Scott Putnam 18:59.4
7 G2 Paul Koll / Timothy Knorr 19:01.8
8 L Carl Siegler / David Goodman 20:12.0
9 G2 Erik Hill / Michael Yarroch 20:33.0
10 O Kazimierz Pudelek / Mariusz Malik 22:39.6
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Dustin Kasten

Dustin Kasten


Corina Soto

Corina Soto

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The Gravity Park Twin Performance Rallys stages will encompass the entire faciltity to provide a mixture of gravel, hard packed dirt and clay-based track. The Park features an entire motocross course and flat track, of which portions will be used for the rally stages.

Weather is typically warm and sunny as summertime approaches. If rain falls, rally drivers will be challenged with slick conditions on the clay-based track and given an opportunity to improve their skills.

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