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Nocona Rally Stomp 1

November 13, 2010

Nocona, TX

Central Regional Rally

Inspired by Southern Native American “Stomp Dances,” Rallye de Paris organizers are set to run the Nocona Rally Stomp at Nocona, TX’s inactive international airport. The co-efficient 1 event will feature a combination of the airport’s service roads with custom roads built by the committee. The event also includes an airport strip one-car-at-a-time drag race.

Noncona Rally Stomp is a part of the Bilstein Southwest Regional RallyCup Series.

Parent Event: Nocona Rally Stomp 1
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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 L Brianne Corn / David Matuschak 16:17.0
2 G2 Chris O'Driscoll / Lori O'Driscoll 19:43.0
3 G2 Christy Carlson / Adam Kneipp 20:36.0
4 G2 Gideon Mecum / Daniel Vaught 20:55.0
5 G5 Roger Matthews / Alix Hakala 21:16.0
6 G2 Bradley Fast / Jeremy Rowland 21:24.0
7 G2 Matthew Leavitt / Scott Reid 21:27.0
8 G2 Scott P Leonard / Michael Kilpatrick 21:58.0
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Brianne Corn

Brianne Corn


David Matuschak

David Matuschak

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Nocona Rally Stomp will be a welcome addition to Fall racing as conditions are expected to be cool and dry over compact tree covered sandy stages and hilly terrain.

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