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Olympus Rally

April 30 - 1, 2011

Ocean Shores, WA


The Olympus Rally was part of the first US Rally Championship held in 1973. It later became a World Rally Championship from 1986- 1988. In 2009, the Rally America event moved from its original location near Olympia to Ocean Shores where it continues to utilize old logging roads around the Washington peninsula. The roads are extremely technical and covered with sharp gravel that wreck havoc to the undersides of a rally car. Conditions are sporadic along the coastline and competitors must be prepared to meet heavy rain squalls, blinding sun, and high winds in the most beautiful picturesque scenes on the Rally America National Championship.

Parent Event: Olympus Rally
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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 G5 Wyatt Knox / Ole Holter 36:56.5
2 G5 Tom Burress / Don Burress 37:07.0
3 G2 Dave Henderson / Terrence McDowell 38:44.1
4 G2 Brian Gottlieb / Patrick Darrow 38:55.1
5 G2 Adam Crane / Britta Nielsen 39:09.6
6 G5 Andrew Comrie-Picard / Robbie Durant 39:11.6
7 G5 Dave Hintz / Richard Hintz 39:21.9
8 G2 Kris Dahl / K. Edward Dahl 39:51.0
9 G2 Garth Ankeny / Russ Kraushaar 39:52.3
10 P Kristen Tabor / Janice Tabor 40:55.9
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Wyatt Knox

Wyatt Knox


Ole Holter

Ole Holter

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