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Oregon Trail Rally

May 5, 2013

Portland, OR

North West Regional Rally

The third race on the Rally America National Championship schedule, Oregon Trail is the only 3 day rally event in the Championship that takes place in urban Portland, OR and through the Mt. Hood farmlands outside the city. With fast stretches combined with twisting foothill runs this rally is always packed with excitement. This rally offers fans the best rally viewing opportunities due to its accessibility and wide-open unobstructed areas.

Parent Event: Oregon Trail Rally
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Pos Class Driver/CoDriver Time
1 SP Dave Henderson / Terrence McDowell 46:28.0
2 SP Evan Cline / Jake Blattner 49:11.5
3 G2 John Reed / Joel Pacello 50:31.2
4 O Gary Cavett / Martin Burnley 50:32.0
5 SP Brenten Kelly / Ron Erickson 50:36.8
6 O Mark Tabor / Kathryn Hansen 50:36.9
7 O Kris Psara / David Ault 50:43.9
8 L Corey Salsbery / Ben Boro 50:46.8
9 SP Wim van der Poel / Bryan Lord 51:28.5
10 L Kevin Kardos / Brian Gottlieb 51:40.3
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The Pacific Northwest weather is an ever changing variable. With rain likely in May, the roads can be extremely muddy and wet; however, it is just as possible for them to be dry and dusty. Dropping temperatures may, in extreme situations, even create snow and sleet which can wreak havoc on the course. This Oregon Trail may not be as treacherous as the one that the pioneers encountered, but these drivers and their crews can definitely expect the unexpected!

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