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Ojibwe Forests Rally

August 27 - 29, 2015

Detroit Lakes, MN

National Rally Championship Event

The Ojibwe Forests Rally returns to the 2015 Rally America National Championship schedule as the seventh round of the eight-event Series. Drivers have often used this destination event to hone their skills due to the flowing roads that twist through the picturesque lakes that dot the landscape and the thick cedar trees. Without a doubt, the landscape will conjure images of the legend of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox as cars race on the dirt logging roads.

Associated Events: 10,000 Lakes Rally, Paul Bunyan’s Ride
Car # Class Driver / CoDriver Stage Reason Penalty
22 2-Wheel Drive Troy Miller / Ole Holter SS3: Akeley Cutoff SUPER RALLY 1:04:22.0
11 Group 5 Matt Brandenburg / Elliott Sherwood SS1: Crossroad Servicing in a control zone 10:00.0
  SS1: Crossroad Servicing in a control zone 10:00.0
  Total 20:00.0
573 Group 2 Jordan Guitar / Colin Robinson SS12: Sugar Bush 15 min late to ATC12 2:30.0
  SS13: Anchor Mattson II 4 min early to ATC13 4:00.0
  Total 6:30.0
157 Super Production Tomas Solnicky / Ray Vambuts SS1: Crossroad Jump start 2:00.0
  SS3: Akeley Cutoff 3 min early to ATC3 3:00.0
  Total 5:00.0
134 2-Wheel Drive Steve LaRoza / Christopher Fary SS13: Anchor Mattson II 17 min late to MTC5 2:50.0
370 Super Production Garry Gill / Steven Harrell SS13: Anchor Mattson II 8 min late to ATC13 1:20.0
823 Open Light Paul Johansen / Susi Little SS5: Refuge 8 min late to ATC5 1:20.0
668 Open Light Jeff Timpe / Joseph Patava SS8: Otterkill 1 min late to ATC8 0:10.0
  SS10: Anchor Mattson 2 min late to RGC4 0:20.0
  Total 0:30.0
321 Open Light Nate Ellis / Danny Phillips SS5: Refuge 2 min late to ATC5 0:20.0
627 Group 5 Robert LaFavor / Eric Benson SS4: Crossroads 2 min late to RGC2 0:20.0
17 Open Antoine L'Estage / Craig Parry SS5: Refuge 1 min late to ATC5 0:10.0
18 Open David Nickel / Darren Garrod SS1: Crossroad Lateness to SS1 Start Line 0:10.0
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