Williston, VT / Salem, Mo, (March 12, 2018) Rally in the 100 Acre Wood, Round 3 of the Rally America National Championship offers many opportunities for spectators to interact with the drivers & crew, watch the cars drive the stages, and see the crew make repairs to their cars in the service area. All spectator locations are free of charge and no tickets are needed.

Every year the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood gets entrants from all over the country, and sometimes the world. Missouri has the most competitors as you might have guessed, but there are entrants from 22 states and 2 other countries this year. The following is a breakdown of entrants by state.

Missouri – 24, Michigan – 18, Colorado – 16, Illinois – 11, Wisconsin – 6, Minnesota, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania – 5, Iowa, Texas, North Carolina – 4, Tennessee – 3, Georgia, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Alabama -2, Indiana, Kentucky, California, Vermont, Idaho, Connecticut – 1, Alberta, Canada -1, Galway, Ireland – 1

Get to know the Missouri Competitors

Darren Vancour from St. Charles and Earnest Williams of St. Peters will be piloting car #780, a 1993 Subaru Impreza in the National Open Light class. It is a very distinctive car, painted like an airplane not just a wrap.

Adam Hardin of Festus and Andrew Ecker of Hillsboro drive the #122 group 2 1996 VW Jetta that looks like a black and white police car.

Jake Burke of Hazelwood and David Kohnle of Columbia are in the #511 1998 black Honda Civic.

Ryan and Rachel Rethy of Arnold are in the bright green and white Subaru wagon competitor number #890 in Open Light.

Calvin Cooper and Kelsey Stephens of Glen Carbon, IL are in a white with M stripes 1991 BMW #140. They just bought this car and are competing in their very first rally.

Chuck Surdyke of Dittmer is in #660 white 1993 Subaru Impreza L in Rally and is a favorite to win the Open Light National class.

Mical Davis of O’Fallon is the co-driver for #951 a black 1998 Porsche 944S2.

Ty Crawford of Florissant and James Harter of St. Louis are in the dark green #314 1995 Subaru Wagon Sport in the National Open Light class. This is the team’s second rally as competitors.

Travis Clark of Brinktown and Kendal Clark of Fayette is another local fan favorite driving a white 1985 Audi 4000 Quattro #154 in the National Open Light class.

Ankit Patel of Valley Park and Trever Dobbins of St. Charles are in the #918 black 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS in the National Open Light and are entering their first Rally America event.

Kevin Young of Fenton and James Dallman of St. Louis are back in their #661 red 1993 Subaru Impreza wagon after having missed a couple of events the team is excited to be back in the racing seat.

Josiah Shipley of Billings and Tim Shipley of Republic are in the #987 1995 Dodge Neon and are entering their first Rally America event. They have been racing motorcycles and are excited to be trying their hand at rally in 2018.

Micah Nickelson and Tyler Ptacek of Jackson are last minute entries in their old trusty 1987 VW Golf #237 but with a new engine, and are always favorites to win the 2wd class.

Justin Mason and Alexandra Hutchings of Kansas City are in the #515 red and 1990 white Volvo 240.

Thank you to all the competitors registered for Rally in the 100 Acre Wood, Round 3 of the 2018 Rally America National Championship. We’re all hoping for great weather for the eventso fans come enjoy all the race excitement.

Parking Information: As always, parking is a problem on the forest’s narrow roads. Please do not double-park and block these roads. All cars must park on the same side of the road. We must keep one side of the road clear and open for traffic. This is used as an access route for emergency vehicles.

Please follow the marshal’s directions when parking your car and please respect the Spectator Control Marshals. They work very long hours to ensure your safety and viewing enjoyment. Printed spectator maps will be available in the Salem & Steelville newspapers a few days before the rally. Or visit the Rally America information booth at the Parc Expose’ on Friday and Saturday to pick up your free copy of the spectator guide.

About Rally America Based in Williston, VT, Rally America, Inc. sanctions the Rally America National Championship, which consists of 6 national-level events in 2018 located at a variety of venues across the country, from Houghton, Michigan to Rangely, Colorado. For more information please visitwww.rally-america.com