by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter
Image via Tara Hurlin

Last year’s Sno*Drift Summer Rally added some extra intrigue to the Rally America National Championship with the Stewards Challenge, in which Mike Hurst and Stephen Gingras battled for superiority on the stages. This year, the race-within-a-race shifts in a new direction with the Daddy-Daughter Challenge, and five entries fit the bill.

Hurst (with daughter Katherine) and Gingras (with daughter Katie) will both return to action at SDSR, and will leave eighth and 11th in the initial start order, respectively. They’ll both start behind Michael Engle and daughter Lauren, who will be competing in the Open Light class in a 2000 Subaru Impreza RS. It’s the same car that he used here last year, as well as the one that Engle’s son Michael Jr. used to compete in May’s Southern Ohio Forest Rally, his very first event. Hurst will return to action in his familiar Group 2 1974 Ford Capri, while Gingras will compete in an Open Light 2000 Subaru Impreza WRX.

Next on the start order in the Daddy-Daughter Challenge, and 20th overall, will be Eric Carlson and daughter Camille in their Open class 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse EVO 0.5. Rounding out the five Daddy-Daughter competitors will be Eric Anderson and daughter Julie, who will start the event 25th in their Group 2 1983 Toyota Celica.

Each of these five drivers competed at SDSR last year, but only the Andersons and Carlsons competed together in 2017. Hurst was best of the bunch at fourth overall and best in Group 2 with co-driver Michel Hoche-Mong, while Gingras was second in Open Light and eighth overall with co-driver Mark Lietha and Engle was 14th overall and fourth in Open Light with co-driver Brian Arpke. The Andersons were fourth in Group 2 and 18th overall at SDSR in 2017, while the Carlsons were the only DNF.