by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter
Image via Fetela Rally Team

Piotr Fetela/Dominik Jozwiak hold an 18.7-second advantage over Dave/Mike Brown in the overall standings of Show-Me Rally through Floyd Tower East II, the fourth of eight stages in the event. Chris Barribeau/Bryce Proseus hold the third spot overall, just 5.8 seconds ahead of Spencer Sherman/Boyd Smith, going into the second leg of the rally.

Show-Me Rally started with two passes at the Lions Park Super Special, run once in each direction, and two passes at Floyd Tower East. Fetela won both of the latter, but Brown bested the field in the reverse pass at Lions Park.

Sherman/Smith lead the 2WD entries overall as the top car in Group 2, just 20.8 seconds ahead of Group 5 leaders Adam Hardin/Andrew Ecker. Michael Hooper/Brian Katz are hot on their trail, though, just 1.4 seconds behind Hardin/Ecker for the Group 5 lead and the third car on the overall 2WD podium.

27 of 30 entered cars have been scored through the first four stages, with only reported overheating issues for Nathan Usher/Marianna Langosch and reported incidents for Stephen/Doyle Sherry and 2016 event winners Micah Nickelson/Tyler Ptacek on the first pass at Floyd Tower East.

Stage winning times were as follows:

  • SS1—Lions Park SS: #94 Piotr Fetela/Dominik Jozwiak, 0:45.0
  • SS2—Floyd Tower East I: #94 Piotr Fetela/Dominik Jozwiak, 8:44.4
  • SS3—Lions Park SS Reverse: #194 Dave Brown/Mike Brown, 0:46.3
  • SS4—Floyd Tower East II: #94 Piotr Fetela/Dominik Jozwiak, 8:32.1

The event continues with two passes at Baby Pigeon Roost Short, and concludes with two more at Brazil to Colen to Moses, which is the longest stage of the event at 9.98 miles. While the beginning of the event was warm and breezy, rain looks to be a determining factor in the second half of the event.

Members of North American Rally contributed to this report.