Honda Performance Development joined Rally America in supporting the B-Spec category in the Manufacturers’ National Championship at the start of the season, and Honda is already making an impact with its engineers who are campaigning Hondas in rally racing.

Leading the charge, and leading the B-Spec manufacturer points, are James Robinson from Delaware, OH and co-driver Jordan Guitar from Marysville, OH, in their 2009 Honda Fit.

Robinson and Guitar both work as engineers for Honda R&D Americas, Inc., and both have extensive backgrounds in developing Honda products for racing applications. Robinson is an expert at turning cars not normally constructed for racing into powerful drift machines or nimble rally cars. In 2010, Robinson converted a Honda Element to compete in Formula Drift and in 2011, he built a Pikes Peak-winning Honda Fit. In 2012, he revived an ex-Le Mans Acura NSX for another Pikes Peak run.

You can read more about Robinson and his Honda Element drift car at

Robinson is no stranger to rally racing, having competed in the SCCA ProRally and also crewed for his older brother, Nick. He returned to Rally America in 2006, and in 2012, he introduced the Pikes Peak Honda Fit to Rally America and proved that the model is more than capable of being a rally car.

Honda Performance Development began a Rally America blog chronicling James’ adventures with the Honda Fit. Here is the most recent post from the Sno*Drift Rally

Be sure to follow the blog in the future to learn more about the Honda Fit, and follow the Fit’s progress straight from the guys who are at the forefront of the factory effort.

Find out more about this Robinson and his results on his Rally America driver profile page at

Photo 1: OMGDrift

Photo 2: Scott Rains