by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter
Image via Rally America

The sport of rally requires both driver and co-driver to have full faith and complete trust in one another to perform their respective roles to the best of their ability. The top Rally America National Championship teams feature crews so in tune with one another that they can probably finish each other’s sentences.

Our latest edition of In the Cockpit features the River City Rally team of driver Brad Ames and co-driver Terry Crawford. See just how well they know one another as they talk about various aspects of the sport and each event:

Who calls the shots between the two of you during a race weekend?

Brad: I do most of the planning and decision making.
Terry: Brad. He built the car, he does maintenance, he makes it happen!

Which one of you fell in love with rallying first?

Brad: I feel like I dragged Terry into rally when I begged him to crew at Rally Colorado in 2017.
Terry: I’m not sure. Brad got into it first, and I may not even be into it if it was not for him, but I’ve been a fan since I was really young.

If you two swapped seats, who would adapt better to the other’s job?

Brad: I have been a co-driver before. I've never seen him race but I bet he'd be good at it. 
Terry: I’ve never raced (driven) on dirt before so I’d have to say Brad. I have experience with karts on tarmac and dirt, but I’m not sure that would translate well.

Who enjoys doing recce more before an event?

Brad: I like seeing the roads beforehand. I'd have to say Terry would rather skip it if it weren't for the advantages of seeing it beforehand.
Terry: I like recce! I joke that it’s the only time I get to see the stages. Recce puts Brad to sleep!

Who celebrates more after the finish of an event?

Brad: I'm like a kid at a birthday party!
Terry: That’s a tie!