by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter
Image via Rally America

The sport of rally requires both driver and co-driver to have full faith and complete trust in one another to perform their respective roles to the best of their ability. The top Rally America National Championship teams feature crews so in tune with one another that they can probably finish each other’s sentences.

Today’s edition of In the Cockpit features the O.D.D. Racing duo of driver Cameron Steely and co-driver Preston Osborn. See just how well they know one another as they talk about various aspects of the sport and each event:

Who calls the shots between the two of you during a race weekend?

Cameron: It depends, we are a team and listen to both sides. I would say it’s a 50-50 split.
Preston: Any good co-driver will tell you the co-driver is in charge! I am on call from when we get to the airport together to when I drop him off on the airplane home.

Which one of you fell in love with rallying first?

Cameron: Hard to say, but we both grew up loving racing.
Preston: I believe I was a fan of the sport first, but Cam was drawn to participating before I was. We started competing within a few months of each other.

If you two swapped seats, who would adapt better to the other’s job?

Cameron: Preston for sure, because I hate not having control in the car, I hate planning things, and being organized. If it was just calling notes I would do great at it, but the other side of co-driving with all the planning and re-writing notes, no thank you. Preston is also a pretty good go-kart driver.
Preston: Obviously I would be a better driver than he would be co-driver! Do drivers even know how to read?? But seriously, I think it would be hard for Cam to sit in the silly seat and let go of control of the vehicle. It takes some adjusting.

Who enjoys doing recce more before an event?

Cameron: Preston, he likes all the prep work stuff more than I do. I just like going fast, but to go fast we need to do the recce. Preston makes sure we do a good job on recce.
Preston: Recce is the "work" of the event, so I appreciate it a lot more. This is something we have actually worked a lot on this year, and our attitude toward recce is significantly improved. However, I think I still like it a bit more!

Who celebrates more after the finish of an event?

Cameron: I do for sure, almost every rally you will see me out somewhere drinking until 2AM-6AM. Preston always makes sure I have a sober ride to and from the parties even to the airport the next day, lol. We joke that we actually don’t pay Preston to co-drive we pay him to babysit me.
Preston: Cam isn't called Hollywood without reason! Not many after parties see him in bed before 4AM.