by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter
Image via Art in Motion Rally Team

The sport of rally requires both driver and co-driver to have full faith and complete trust in one another to perform their respective roles to the best of their ability. The top Rally America National Championship teams feature crews so in tune with one another that they can probably finish each other’s sentences.

Today’s edition of In the Cockpit features the Art in Motion Rally Team of driver Geoff Weide and co-driver Derric Throne. See just how well they know one another as they talk about various aspects of the sport and each event:

Who calls the shots between the two of you during a race weekend?

Geoff: I would have to say we have an equal say and listen to the other persons ideas/troubleshooting.
Derric: I would say it’s 50/50. That is the nice thing about having the same drives for each event we definitely trust each other and aren’t afraid to speak up.

Which one of you fell in love with rallying first?

Geoff: I would say Derric, I’ve liked it for a while but I do believe he was watching it even as a kid.
Derric: I would go with me. I grew up watching it. However I know Geoff has loved rally for quite some time.

If you two swapped seats, who would adapt better to the other’s job?

Geoff: Oh, Derric will do way better as a driver than I would ever do as a co-driver.
Derric: Probably me because Geoff has like zero interest in being a co-driver.

Who enjoys doing recce more before an event?

Geoff: Recce is recce, I think we both enjoy certain things about it. It ends up being way too early and I’m cranky.
Derric: Slight advantage to me because Geoff doesn’t like early mornings.

Who celebrates more after the finish of an event?

Geoff: It depends on how the event went. But I’d have to say I usually get more TURNED UP!
Derric: Our crew for sure.