Lake Superior Performance Rally has always been one of the most significant events on the Rally America National Championship schedule. Held in October, “The Oldest, Meanest, Toughest Rally on the Circuit” has lived up to its name time and time again, allowing the sport’s finest champions to separate themselves from the rest of the field.

This year, the stakes are even higher for the series’ 2WD competitors. Tower City Race Team driver Al Dantes Jr., well known within the rally community as one of the sport’s strongest advocates, has stepped up to organize the independent 2WD SISU Challenge for the event.

“The SISU Challenge for 2WD only is an old idea, but no one has done it in almost 10 years in the midwest,” Dantes explained. “Previously it was only a regional Group 2 only thing and it was only varied alcohols, beers, and gag gifts. This LSPR, someone started a rumor that I was going to do a 2WD prize fund. I got questioned about it, and decided right there I would. Three hours later, we had almost $3,000 in cash, product, and prizes.”

Entry fee for the SISU Challenge is $20, with the total entry pool split among the top five finishers. Most notably, the winner will take home 40% of the entry pool, as well as high-resolution photos from Ben Newburn and $100 worth of labor/fabrication work from Adam Brock of 9HIO.

In addition, both Rally America and Lake Superior Performance Rally will be supporting the SISU Challenge with prizes of their own. For the SISU Challenge winning team, Rally America will cover half the entry fee for any future two-day National Championship event. LSPR has offered entry vouchers to the 2019 edition of the event for the top two SISU Challenge finishers, worth $150 and $75, respectively.

The immediate response from within the community wasn’t just for the top racers, either. Various prizes have been attached to different stage finishes, fan favorites, DNFs, and even the last car to finish among all eligible entries.

“My fellow slow guys insisted we welcome all 2WD cars,” Dantes added. “Previously, Max Attack was $50 a car and many slow guys didn't enter. With the SISU Challenge we have a ton of gimmick cash prizes, cash stage specials for third, fifth, seventh, last place, et cetera. I believe everyone has a great chance to win something.

“Mainly, this is by rallyists, for rallyists. It's just a big community, team, family building exercise, with some fun and racing mixed in.”

For more information or to contribute a prize, email Al Dantes Jr. at A full list of prizes and the prize fund value, along with other details about the SISU Challenge, will be revealed closer to the event.