by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter
Images via Jason Swoboda

The first entry on the list for next month’s Show-Me Rally belongs to the Open Light entry of Unamused Rally Sport, with the husband and wife duo of Ryan and Rachel Rethy in the cockpit. Frequent top five finishers in their class at multiple events over the years, they’ll look to improve on an impressive fifth place overall finish at Show-Me last year. Today, we get to know driver Ryan a little better—check back tomorrow to meet co-driver Rachel:

What made you want to start rallying?

I originally wanted to do time attack, but Rachel's involvement would be limited so when I learned more about rally and discovered that it was something that we could both be equally involved in, I knew that we had to do it!

When was your first event and how did you do?

Show-Me Rally 2015. We finished! It was a learning experience for sure. Finishing was the goal and we established a good baseline to improve upon in future races.

When was your first really memorable result—win or podium—and how did you get there?

Our first 100 Acre Wood Rally in 2016 was a battle of attrition. We ran into numerous issues on the last loop of stages, but pressed on regardless. Although not a podium like Headwaters 2016, being one of the cars that was able to cross the finish was a big deal for us... so much so that we had to stand on the hood of the car and celebrate.

Who is your usual co-driver, and when did you two start rallying together?

My wife, Rachel. I trust her completely with the notes. She is also great with the transit directions and oddball situations that would typically require referencing of the rule book: she has the answer immediately. We have been rallying together ever since our first race in 2015. 

What’s your favorite event on the Rally America schedule?

That's a tough one. Our home rally of 100 Acre Wood has some amazing flowing roads that suit my driving style well; however LSPR has amazing scenery, dirt/gravel, and weather. It's a draw.

Do you have any pre-event routines?

I like to have everything packed up at least a week in advance, but it's rally and things don't always go to plan. I take the car out, check the tune, and make sure that all of the lights work prior to loading up.

Which other drivers in your class do you respect the most?

Nathan Usher and Dave Brown. These guys are FAST and give the open/super production cars a run for their money on a regular basis. We could learn a lot from them.