Rally America has posted the preliminary National Championship standings http://rally-america.com/champ_standings.php and the preliminary 2012 Sno*Drift results http://rally-america.com/events/2012/SNODRIFT/results/ .

The National Championship standings and results of the 2012 Sno*Drift Rally remain provisional pending an appeal to the decision given by a Rally America Protest Committee reviewing a claim filed by the Can-Jam Motorsports team of Leonid Urlichich and Carl Williamson. The Sno*Drift points will not be finalized until the team submits their appeal and Appeals Committee meets and renders a final decision on the claim.

The Can-Jam Motorsports team failed a post-rally inspection noting that the car’s catalytic converter was not compliant with Article 10.1.F. The team was fined three positions to finish 6th overall in the standings. Urlichich filed a protest immediately after and a protest committee was assembled, which upheld Stewards’s original decision.

Any organizer, official, entrant, or competitor may appeal the decision by the Protest Committee within 30 minutes of its announcement. Urlichich submitted his intentions within the allotted time frame and he now has 10 days to submit his appeal. An Appeals Committee will be formed during the 10-day period and they will have 15 days to make a decision based on the appeal.

Rally America will release a statement once the Appeals Committee makes a decision on Urlichich’s claim.