The Skelly sisters, Amanda and Desiray of Noble Star Rally Racing (NSR) debuted with their 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS at Sno*Drift 2012. In just 3 short months, the crew pulled together to build and prepare Amanda’s Subaru for her first stage rally.

With continuous issues ranging from blown head gaskets just two days prior to technical inspection to boiled brake fluid after the handbrake became locked in position, the girls encountered their first DNF on Friday of the two day rally. After days of exhaustion and several car failures, the team pressed on regardless and made an astonishing recovery on the final day of the event.

The service crew led by Kayla Fryatt and comprised of Ashley Brown, Daniel Fryatt, Jacob Bryant, Matt Peterson, Ben Vallerand, Derek Vandenbroek and Steven Stewart encountered an exciting first rally event. The team pulled together to keep the car running smoothly on Saturday and found their team placing 9th in the Open Light class. Despite the difficulties, members were elated with the experience, “I can’t think of anywhere else in the world I would rather be” stated crew member Jacob Bryant.

Road conditions were a true challenge for the girls as sheets of ice covered the majority of the stages. Support from their fellow teammates of SubaRoots Rally helped the girls remain focused and hopeful.

“I don’t know what we would have done without our teammates and the RootsCrew,” says Amanda, “they are definitely one special rally family”. Thankfully,the girls escaped stuffing the car into any snow banks and were excited to reach out and help those in need. “The best part of the rally for me was being able to stop and pull other rally cars out of the snow banks when they needed the help. That’s what rally is all about for us. Living the dream and doing things the Noble way, just as Matt Marker did” said Amanda Skelly, driver for NSR.

The next event for NSR will be Magnum Opus at the end of April in Newberry, MI.

Noble Star Rally is based out of Rochester Hills, MI. Their 2012 sponsors include: SubaRoots Rally Racing, 31 Motorsports, Ainove Inc., Ken’s Body Shop,, 6Star Motorsports, TRF (Thompson Racing Fabrication),, Impression Center, and WebCraft Labs.

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Photo Courtesy of Eric Olsen