Rally fans will get closer to the action than ever before at X Games 15 with the exciting new addition of in-car commentators for the Rally Car Racing competition on August 2.

Chrissie Beavis and Jen Horsey, co-drivers who have both competed in previous X Games competitions, will offer viewers a first-hand report of the action inside the car during the contest, which airs live on ABC and ESPN

“The unique format of the X Games Rally Car Race gives us the opportunity to do something really special for the broadcast,” said J.B. Niday, managing director for Rally America. “This is as close as the audience can get without actually sitting in the cars themselves.”

These commentators will have a direct line to over a million live viewers as 12 of the most skilled rally drivers in the world take on the challenging course.

“It’s got to be the coolest job at X Games,” said Beavis. “These guys are incredible drivers.”

“It’s a real privilege,” added Horsey. “We look forward to showing viewers what it’s really like to be inside a rally car at top speed.”

Beavis is a longtime co-driver with two X Games Rally Car Racing medals to her credit: she earned a Gold medal with Tanner Foust in 2007 and took Silver in 2008. When she isn’t co-driving, she is also a driver who campaigns a two-wheel drive Volkswagen Jetta in her local series.

Horsey has been both a rally analyst and competitor for the past five years, and was co-driver to Andrew Comrie-Picard during the spectacular front-flip crash during X Games 14. She also competes as a driver in her local series in a two-wheel drive Mitsubishi Lancer.

Six top teams accepted early invitations to compete in ESPN’s Summer X Games, the leading action sports event. Four more were selected based on their points standings after five rounds in the 2009 Rally America series, while two more so-called at-large drivers are also set to compete in the contest. One additional driver has been selected to serve as an alternate.

The field for the 2009 X Games Rally Car Race is as follows:

Travis Pastrana

Tanner Foust

Ken Block

Dave Mirra

Andrew Comrie-Picard

Matt Johnson

Andi Mancin

Piotr Wiktorczyk

Arkadiusz Gruszka

Jimmy Keeney

Brian Deegan

Kenny Brack

The alternate is Patrick Moro

About Rally America, Inc.:

Based in Golden Valley, Minnesota, Rally America sanctions the premier rally racing series in the United States, the Rally America National Championship Series. In 2009, Rally America will conduct nine National Championship events at venues across the country, from Portland, Ore., to Newry, Maine. Rally America competitors reach speeds well over 100 mph in modified street-legal rally cars on natural-terrain courses consisting of gravel, dirt or snow.

Additionally, through a partnership with the leading sports network, ESPN, qualifying Rally America drivers are invited to compete in the Summer X Games, the annual leading action-sport event that is broadcast live on ABC and ESPN. For more information, visit www.rally-america.com.