Driver Mark Fox and co-driver Jake Blattner battled mechanical difficulties throughout the race but regained time on the field to claim a team best fourth place finish.

Fox said, “we were completely without turbo boost on Friday due to a leak in the turbo line. That was tough for us and although we had a conservative approach as the game plan for this race, we didn't have close to the car's potential power”. The service team worked it out and Saturday was a different race....Until stage 11 when they hit a huge rock in the road. The impact tweaked the control arm and flatted the left front wheel. Between stages Fox and Blattner used a road sign as the anchor point for a come-along. They were able to slightly straighten the control arm and change the flat but still suffered some steering loss through the last 3 stages.

With the new car running well the team is looking forward to the future and equipment consistency for the first time this season.