Rally America is happy to announce the winners of the Ojibwe photo contest. First place winner receives an annual subscription to Subie Sports Magazine and a Driving Sports TV DVD. Two runners up will receive Rally America swag.

1st Place:

When some fans get bit by the “rally bug” some fans get bit hard! Erica Hensley's first introduction to rally came from watching X games Rally Car Racing on television while living in Atlanta, GA. Soon Erica and a friend made the decision to check out real rally action in the woods and road tripped from Georgia to the Northeast to attend the New England Forests Rally.

“I was instantly hooked,” exclaimed Erica. Respectfully, Erica and her friend just did not show up at NEFR to just watch rally cars in the woods, but instead rolled up their sleeves and got to work by volunteering their time for the organizers.

“I love that rally is so accessible for those who don’t know much about it,” said Erica, “I had a really good experience there.” Erica had such a good experience that she road tripped to the Ojibwe Forests Rally the following year where she took a stunning photograph of Travis Pastrana on the Bemjidi Speedway Superspecial to win top honors!

2nd Place:

Neil O’laughlin from Breckenridge, MN first saw rally racing when the World Rally Championships were on television 10 years ago as a teenager. Since then, Neil has been feeding his rally addiction playing rally video games, such as the Colin McRae Series and DiRT, before deciding he needed to actually go see a rally event. After doing some research for events near his home, Neil found the Ojibwe Forests Rally and attended it for the first time this year.

The picture he captured was from the first spectator area on the first day of the rally. As an aspiring photographer, Neil recently began purchasing more advanced equipment to one day make photography a career. Using a rented telephoto lens, Neil experimented with various angles at the spectator area. He found himself at the front of the spectator area eventually snapping this picture of car 308 driven by Janusz Topor/Michal Kaminski.

“I like the bright colors and how the dirt sprays in this photo,” said Neil. No doubt the picture exhibited an artistic flair which the judges instantly noticed to award him 2nd place in the contest.

3rd place:

Brian Martens from Edina, MN has been watching WRC on television the last 6 years, but this year’s Ojibwe Forests Rally was the first rally event he attended. “I’ve been meaning to do something like this for years,” said Brian, “I just came up to take pictures and see what it was all about. (Rally) is open at so many levels of money and preparation. You can see top and grassroots teams at one event. The sport shows the best driving abilities with drivers tackling so many different conditions and multiple corners!”

While at the Ojibwe Forests Rally, Brian ran into Mark Utecht at the Bemidji Speedway superspecial who was driving a new 2010 Ford Mustang. Brain and Mark used to autocross cars together when Mark was President of the Minnesota Autosports Club. “Mark exhibited amazing car control at autocrosses, so it was no surprise to see him in rally,” explained Brian.

Brian took his 3rd place picture on the second day of the rally on the Canton Trail. “I got to the spot early… and I am glad I did because so many people showed up to this corner,” said Brain. “This photo perfectly captures being out in the woods with the sign, wheels spinning, and dust flying!”

Congratulations to the winners!