John Hollingworth Hatch from Ann Arbor, MI wins the 2010 Sno*Drift Rally photo contest with his haunting image of moonlit rally snow racing.

Hatch used his keen eye for photographic artistry and his Sno*Drift marshalling location to purposefully capture a specific scene. Taking advantage of the environment, he attempted 20 shots using the moon as a background and it is believed that he captured Sno*Drift perennial favorites, Henry and Cindy Krolikowski, in their Open Class 2000 Subaru Impreza rounding a sharp left curve and disappearing down a straightaway.

“It’s easy to catch cars going around the corner and it’s a common shot. I was trying to get something more unique that characterized the event,” said Hatch. The judges agreed with his assessment and awarded a pair of DC Shoes to Hatch for his efforts.

Hatch, who attends Michigan Tech University studying mechanical engineering, is an avid photographer working on his University’s webpage and sports programs. His experience and eye for photography certainly shows as he captures a side of rally racing not usually seen by fans.

Hatch has been volunteering at rally events ever since he first discovered the sport as an MTU freshman.

“I never knew about the sport until I saw these cars in Houghton, MI,” explains Hatch, “I saw them in the streets and I attended a seminar by (rally drivers) Tanner Foust and Andrew Pinker talking about the sport and I immediately ran down to worker registration to volunteer as a marshal.”

Now, Hatch is a regular volunteer with the Lake Superior Performance Rally and Sno*Drift Rally under his belt.

The DC Shoes/Rally America photo contest will continue the rest of the 2010 season giving aspiring photographers an opportunity to share their pictures with other rally fans. DC Shoes will provide each photo contest winner a pair of DC Shoes for each 6 events on the Rally America National Championship calendar.

Fans will get a chance to submit their photos after each event and then vote for their favorites. The top 10 rated photos are judged by a panel based on creativity, photographic quality and effectiveness conveying rally car action.

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