Riders Energy Rally Team debut in 2010 Rally America National Championship Series at 100 Acre Wood Rally in Missouri was cut short last weekend by an engine fire on the first stage of the event.

The rally started great for the newly formed team on the new shakedown stage south of Salem, MO. Wiktorczyk and Dorman were very happy with the car set up and after four passes of the stage they have decided that the car is perfect for the rally. Wiktorczyk was still able to give rides on the stage to some media as well as a Crawford County Deputy Sheriff Z. A. Driskill which commented at the end of the stage: “This was awesome! Thank you for this opportunity! I have never felt like this before in a car!”

Friday’s rally start was located in the town of Steelvile, MO were thousands spectators showed up to cheer for the top teams in Rally America Series. Riders Energy Rally Team was placed ninth on the road which in the conditions on more than usual rough stages of this event was perfect. Unfortunately 4.4 miles into the first stage of the rally, engine in their 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX STi had sustained a turbocharger failure that resulted in fire in the engine bay.

Wiktorczyk said, “About four and a half miles into the stage our Riders Energy Subaru lost the all its power. We pulled over and opened the hood and the turbo and all around it was on fire. We used both of our extinguishers and it didn’t want to go out. Thankfully car 116 of Nate and Brandye Conley stopped and they let us use theirs. Not the ending of the rally we were hoping for, especially in our debut of Riders Energy Rally Team, but we will rebuilt and come stronger on the west coast.”

Dorman added, “We had an awesome setup for this rally. Peter was very happy with new brake components that we were using and overall everything was working great for the entire Riders Energy Rally Team. Everything was cut short by the fire. Little scary, but we got it handled. We have a such a great and growing team right now with Riders Energy Drink and White Frog Entertainment on board with us. It is a pleasure to be part of it.”