Blake Holland of Tulsa, Oklahoma wins the 100 Acre Wood Rally photo contest and a pair of DC Shoes with his action shot of Canada’s Antoine L’Estage and Nathalie Richard clawing out of a hole set in the middle of a spectator area.

The 100 Acre Wood Rally was Holland’s first attended rally. A rally nut and an avid photography hobbyist, Holland decided with a friend to make the 2 hour drive from Oklahoma to Missouri and finally experience the sport first hand. Combining his two passions, Holland managed to take over 1,500 pictures!

Holland didn’t expect to win the photo contest against a bevy of quality photos entered into the competition.

“There were great photos in the contest and I thought I didn’t have a chance,” said Holland. The photo contest judges selected his picture out of the top 10 rated photos and awarded him the top prize.

The winning picture was taken at “Spectator A” when Antoine L’Estage took an acute left turn too wide and his car was almost entirely swallowed by a trough formed by two intersecting roads. L’Estage almost did not make it out of the hole, but thanks to his four wheel-drivetrain he managed enough traction to pop out and continue the competition to a second place overall finish.

“From my position I couldn’t tell there was a hole until I saw L’Estage fall into it!” explained Holland. “This was the best thing I could have seen at my first rally event and I’ll be back for more next year!”

Thank you to DC Shoes for the generous prizes. You can visit their automotive collection and DC Shoes videos at :

Rally America will host another photo contest at the Olympus Rally on April 23-25th.

You can still see all of the 100 Acre Wood Rally photo contest entries at