Pebble snow and ice greeted Rally in the 100 Acre Wood teams Thursday morning as the event hosted stage reconnaisance before competition begins on February 22-23rd in Salem, MO. The weather is expected to warm to just about freezing but opinions vary if the accumulation will melt in time. Will ice or mud be a factor on Friday and what kind of tire traction will teams choose?

Updated February 21st at 6:20pm CT.

SEEDED DRAW RESULTS: Seeded draw to randomly select the first three drivers on the road has been completed. First on the road will be Ken Block, followed by Antoine L'Estage and then David Higgins.


  • VIDEO: Antoine L'Estage, Van Way Racing, David Higgins 75 and Hoonigan Racing tests at the famous Bison Ranch before the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood.
  • Taylor Morris made internet waves in June 2012 with support from The Chive website for surviving an Afghanistan IED explosion that cost him all his limbs. Today Taylor is a source of inspiration in staying positive... and was recently granted a wish to ride at the 100 Acre Wood Rally with Hoonigan Racing's Ken Block after challenging Block to a skills contest on YouTube. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  • Subaru Rally Team USA's David Higgins talks to iRally about his Rally in the 100 Acre Wood chances:
  • See early photos from the Bison Ranch testing area with Hoonigan Racing and Rockstar Energy Drink Rally Team: CLICK HERE




  • Freezing rain has hit the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood Thursday morning as teams recce the stages. Here is a photo of the Krolikowski's trying to keep their Subaru warm as the rain falls and freezes. Temperatures are expected to hover around freezing, and sun is in the forecast for Friday and Saturday.
  • Salem, MO has pebbly ice accumulation from freezing rain all morning. Rally in the 100 Acre Wood organizer, Mark Huebbe, is expecting this accumulation to not melt away by tomorrow unless direct sunlight hits. That means teams will likely be on snow rally tires. The northern Friday stages shouldn't pose problems, but the southern stages - if glare ice persists - may give 2WD rally cars fits on the hilly sections.