Rally America officials presented the Joe Andreini Cup for Rally of the Year to the Sno*Drift Rally organizers on January 26th in Hillman, MI, as the most successfully operated event in the 2012 Rally America National Championship.

Last year’s Sno*Drift Rally will be remembered as the most treacherous in recent memory due to exposed ice and the extreme lack of traction, but also set the standard in detailed planning, delivering an excellent event to the teams and value to local sponsors.

“I was excited and enthused about Sno*Drift winning the Joe Andreini Cup,” said Don Rathgeber, Sno*Drift Chairman, “The organizers and volunteers put a lot of effort into making the event a success and they take pride in putting together a first class event. To be recognized by Rally America was definitely a high point.”

Rally America surveyed national and regional competitors and nearly a third of the respondents selected the Sno*Drift Rally to be a well operated event citing the organizer’s information packets as the main reason Sno*Drift should receive the award.

Based on the competitor’s feedback Rally America officials determined that Sno*Drift was the clear winner of the Joe Andrenini Cup and presented the trophy to organizers at the 2013 Sno*Drift Rally victory celebration.

“Year after year Sno*Drift is the best run events in the Rally America National Championship,” added J.B. Niday, Rally America Managing Director.

Formerly known as the Rally of the Year Award, the Joe Andreini Cup is selected annually by Rally America for the national rally which is best organized and best represents the standards of the National Championship. Joe Andreini was a long-time rally competitor and Sno*Drift Clerk of the Course who made a significant contribution in benchmarking stage rally design, communications and schedules. The 2012 Joe Andreini Cup marks the second consecutive year the Sno*Drift Rally received the award having won in 2011, 2005 and 2003.

Congratulations to the Sno*Drift Rally and volunteers for a job well done.