National Super Production competitor Garry Gill is back for the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood held on February 22-23 in Salem, MO!

Piloting a 2007 Subaru Impreza STi Garry Gill will build on his stage rally results with a new co-driver Paddy Robinson from Ireland. Paddy brings a plethora of experience from Europe ranging from Super 1600 cars to World Rally Championship cars. Paddy is no stranger to competition in the States having sat with another American based rally driver, Joseph Burke, at a few events last year.

Garry is looking forward to making a solid bond with Paddy over the next few events and working towards Super Production (SP) podiums! “Paddy’s experience should bring great value to the team,” said Garry. 

Along with a new co-driver, there is a new support team as well. William Petrow and the crew from Broken Motorsports are heading the team’s operations handling with event support, logistics and reprep. Petrow and Broken Motorsports has seen success in the SP category having supported Travis and Terry Hanson to an overall 2011 Sno*Drift Rally overall win, a first for an SP Class car, and a 2011 Super Production Championship. Broken Motorsports also supported 2010 Super Production Class Champions Pat Moro and Ole Holter. 

Garry Gill’s car should be top notch and ready for battle with the rest of the teams in SP with new modifications and a different setup.

“A new engine control unit should provide the correct power, and altered suspension settings as well as various little touches should see the car fighting for podiums this year.” said Petrow. “We are looking to build the team over the next few events this year and go for a Super Production Championship next year.”

The new team is looking to compete next weekend at the 100 Acre Wood Rally, STPR Rally in June and New England Forest Rally in July.

“We are hoping for some strong finishes, but we are mainly using these rallies as a means of getting the car setup perfect and the drivers acquainted,” said Petrow.

“They are some tough rallies that present their own challenges and we need to be ready for that next year while chasing a national title,” added Gill. (Get to know Garry Gill better:

Gill would like to thank his family for the help and support, Paddy Robinson for traveling from Ireland and Broken Motorsports and all our fans for their support. Good Luck to all teams competing next weekend! Have fun, stay safe!

PHOTO: Pete Kuncis/