by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter
Images via Art in Motion Rally Team

Art in Motion Rally Team entered its third season of participation in the Rally America National Championship in 2018, as driver Geoff Weide and co-driver Derric Throne made their first start of the year at March’s Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. Coming off a third place Super Production finish in the regional Lac Vieux Desert Rally, part of last year’s Lake Superior Performance Rally, the team has been one of many to compete nationally under Open Light rules this season.

Although they failed to finish this year’s 100AW, Wiede and Throne rebounded by finishing 11th in class at this year’s Southern Ohio Forest Rally, completing the event against one of 2018’s most stacked fields. Today, Wiede helps us get to know the team’s Subaru Impreza a little better:

When did you pick up this car and where did you get it?

August 2015. It was found for sale on Craigslist in Fort Atkinson, WI, which was right up the road from me.

Any nicknames for the car?

Bessie! Come on Bessie!

Why was this the right car for you to use in Rally America?

It was the right price at the right time!

Aside from safety regulations, what have you done to improve its performance?

We had a lot of drivability issues with the car that plagued us since our first rally. That was our main goal going into 2018: fixing them. We spent most of the winter rewiring every thing in the car to convert it all to 2002 WRX wiring/ecu. That way we can tune/data log the car. At this point that has been the best thing we have done. The car actually has full power now and gives us room to grow.

When it’s not rallying, where’s the home base for this car?

At my fabrication shop here in Lake Mills, WI.

When was your first event with this car and how did you do?

Ojibwe 2016. We had a critical engine failure on the second day and had to withdraw. But considering we were literally working on the car as we loaded the trailer, I was happy with the outcome.

Has anybody else rallied this car over the years?

Rallied, no; we built the car from a stock automatic Impreza L. One of the previous owners did a lot of autox/ice racing, though!