Amp Research Power Step Problems – Causes & Troubleshooting

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Amp Research Power Step Problems

A power step is an innovative creation of AMP Research. This car accessory offers convenience for every truck owner due to its retractable feature. Of course, it is a must-have product, which you might also be interested in acquiring.

Before anything else, studying the common amp research power step problems is the first step. That way, you can be sure whether the item suits you and your vehicle.

Common Problems with Amp Research Power Steps

Purchasing the power step by AMP Research is a great deal due to its advanced technology and convenience factor. This car accessory powered by electricity can automatically retract in sync when opening and closing the vehicle doors.

Of course, like every technology, it is bound to malfunction, which can affect its performance during usage. There are many reasons behind this scenario, most of which are solvable. Today, we’ll be focusing on some of them below!

1. Won’t retract on time or no movement


This problem is the most common item that you should know. The main reason that could’ve influenced this outcome is the problem with the installation.

To check its setup, it is crucial to locate the diode location and fuse location. These items are vital for securing electrical flow to power the power steps.

It would be best to check the vehicle’s manual to ensure where these items are located. However, if there’s no problem with the fuse and diode, ECM or module change must be due.

2. Noise and slow retraction


Both of these problems are interconnected as there’s only one culprit, debris. Like other equipment in the vehicle, it is also important to maintain the AMP research power step. That includes keeping it clean, preventing debris build-up.

Washing the platform can help remove the stuck materials. Ensure not to let the motor come in contact with water, as it can result in further damage.

It could also be caused by a damaged diode or a diode connection that is reverse polarity.

3. Stuck in up position


When it comes to the power step position, it can also end up differently due to the influence of the shock sensor. Sometimes this bug can happen, disrupting the item’s normal movement. It’s either it won’t come down or won’t go up all the way up.

The best way to deal with this problem is by checking the system for the shock sensor Its sensitivity level might be a bit high and needs adjustment. Thus, closing the car doors, trunk, or hood affects the AMP research power step.

4. One side won’t deploy


This problem is also common to happen, like the driver side not working or the passenger side. Unfortunately, several areas might have caused this problem.

So, checking every part of the power step system is a must.

The process involves locating the fuse and reinstalling it. It helps to reboot the system as it might be the one causing this problem. However, if it still doesn’t work, there might be a problem with the motor and the voltage it produces.

Checking the voltage requires equipment, which means tech support is needed. Feel free to contact your mechanic immediately to assist you in solving this problem.

You should also check the and the diode connection to see if it’s correct and secure.

5. Power step suddenly shakes


Meanwhile, the power steps may also show signs of problems when it begins to shake. This error usually happens whenever the truck is being driven on rough surfaces. It can be an underlying factor that affects the sensory system.

That’s why it would be best to be keen on the maintenance of the AMP research power step. Furthermore, checking on the diode connections and wiring should also be done to ensure it’s correct.

Causes and Troubleshooting

The problems mentioned above are just one thing, but knowing the underlying causes and how to solve them should also be a priority. That way, when you decide to acquire and install one of their running boards, you’ll be ready to fix the errors and maximize its functions.

  • Most problems above are caused by internal connections or outside factors. These items will affect the stability and functions of the power step, which leads to sagging, not retracting, or not deploying.
  • Although, there can be cases where the assistance of professionals is required. Some problems can’t be solved after you reset the amp power steps. Some instances changing car parts like the battery for stronger electrical flow is necessary.
  • After battery replacement, improvement in the functions of the power step is ensured. That’s the ideal troubleshooting outcome, which can happen if a mechanic can help change the car battery.

Visit AMP Research for warranty

As a customer of AMP Research, you are entitled to a warranty period that is beneficial when solving technical problems of the power step.

According to their warranty document, during the 5-year period, AMP Research can accommodate the repairs for the power step free of charge. It also includes replacing the defective item. This privilege is exclusive to the owner of the product alone.

Knowing this perk gives you an advantage in solving the technical problems with your purchased AMP Research power step. For more information, they also published a warranty support page on their website.


The power step is a product that you shouldn’t miss. Situations can happen during installation, which can lead to amp research power step problems. However, it doesn’t equate to the functionality and convenience it can offer.

Furthermore, these malfunctions can be avoided by installing the product correctly and ensuring maintenance throughout its usage. Also, a warranty program is available to assist you with repairs.

Of course, the final decision is still up to you.

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