Are Supertech Oil Filters Any Good? – A Quick Review

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Are Supertech Oil Filters Any Good

In the quest for a reliable yet budget-friendly oil filter, SuperTech, a Walmart brand, has caught the attention of many vehicle owners. The burning question on everyone’s mind is, “Are supertech oil filters any good?”

In short, the answer is YES! But you might want to consider various factors. This blog will let you know about its specs and how long it can last. These characteristics are the common info people want to find out. Luckily, we’ll cover them and other more information about this brand. Let’s begin!

Notable Features of Supertech Oil Filters

While information about SuperTech oil filters may be limited online, some users have reported positive experiences. Some are impressed with its ability to filter oil, leading to lesser oil changes of 5000 to 7000 miles.

This extended lifespan can significantly reduce maintenance costs, making SuperTech oil filters an attractive option for cost-conscious consumers. This oil filter might also be one of the best finds to ensure lubricant flow and engine performance. Here are some key features of SuperTech oil filters:

1. Performance and effectiveness

Outstanding oil filter quality


SuperTech oil filters are designed to maintain peak performance for longer intervals, with some users reporting oil change intervals of up to 7000 miles. That’s an incredible amount, which means that the filter ensures that pure lubrication will only pass through the filter to the engine.

That’s the main function of oil filters, but not every filter can perform long enough. The most common mileage declared for oil change occurs after reaching 3000 miles. This duration most likely covers 3 months, which can be costly.

Given that, Supertech oil filters seem a reliable material to use.

Made up of quality materials


Good oil filters must include quality media that can provide lasting services during the filtration of lubrication flow. Despite not being visible in some super tech oil filter reviews, we’ve found an article to back this claim.

According to this source, every oil filter includes quality filters whose structure includes synthetic fibers. The quality helps with efficient filtering of the grimes, dirt, and other unwanted particles that could clog the natural flow of oil.

2. Price


One of the standout features of SuperTech oil filters is their affordability. They not only offer very competitive prices, ranging from $2.97 to $4.27, they also come with great performance that works well.

3. Pros and Cons

  • Affordably priced
  • Efficient filtering performance
  • Extended intervals (up to 7000 miles)
  • Available in large and small sizes for compatibility
  • Not as widely known as some other brands

The comparison above serves as a lens on how Supertech operates. It also shows how the sizes of the filters ensure compatibility.

Is Supertech Oil Filters Worth It?

Super Tech oil filters are a solid choice for vehicle owners seeking efficient filtration and accessibility. Many install WalmartSupertech oil filters on their vehicle due to its availability and convenience. However, a counterpart discussion is still open among the vehicle owners.

The comparison of SuperTech vs Mobil 1 appears most likely due to the counterpart availability. But, it is important to note that both can perform well. It’s only a matter of the price. According to an article, it seems Supertech is much more affordable than its counterpart.

Still, both are great filters, and it will always be up to the buyer’s preference to choose the basis of price when buying an oil filter.


If you’ve reached this part of the blog, that only means that you also have come for the final verdict. So, to answer the main question – are supertech oil filters any good, it will always depend on numerous criteria.

There’s no denying that it can work as a filter. The only concern is its availability outside Walmart. Furthermore, you should check Super Tech oil filter fit guide to know its compatibility with other vehicle brands. For many vehicle owners, SuperTech oil filters offer a reliable and budget-friendly solution.

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