How to Break the Club Steering Wheel Lock? – 2 Easy Ways

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how to break the club steering wheel lock

One of the most common and best anti-theft devices for our vehicle is the steering wheel lock, also known as The Club.

It works by attaching the Club car lock to the steering wheel to prevent it from being turned and maneuvered by car thieves.

So if you have lost the key to your steering wheel lock bar and want to know how to break the club steering wheel lock, continue reading as we show you detailed ways and steps.

Method 1: Using a Screwdriver to Break the Lock


For this method, we will show you how to remove the steering wheel lock with a screwdriver and with brute force by using your hammer.

You should prepare:

  • A small hammer
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • A wrench

Step 1 – Hitting the Lock With a Hammer

The Club consists of two rods held together by its lock located at the center handle of the device.

Once you have located the lock, place and position your flathead screwdriver in the lock so that it can be inserted. Then, repeatedly hit it with a hammer to further push it into the lock and open its gears.

Step 2 – Opening the Lock

Now open the lock by using your screwdriver or a wrench. Turn the lock clockwise until the lock comes loose.

Step 3 – Extending the Center Handle

After the lock has been released, you can extend the center handle as if pulling it on both sides to remove it.

Method 2: Freezing the Lock with Freon


This method requires the use of Freon to freeze and destroy the lock of the Club. However, using such harmful chemical compounds can cause burns and frostbite in the event of direct skin contact.

Putting on safety equipment such as gloves and goggles is vital before proceeding with the steps below. Alternatively, you can use liquid nitrogen if Freon is not available.

What you should prepare:

  • Freon or Liquid Nitrogen
  • Gloves and goggles
  • A hammer

Step 1 – Spraying the Freon into the Lock

Attach the nozzle to your Freon can. Then point the nozzle and spray it into the keyhole, freezing the lock.

Step 2 – Hammering the Lock

Now set aside your Freon spray and take your hammer. Hit the frozen/iced-up lock until it shatters, thus releasing the steering wheel lock.

Method 3: Using a Bolt Cutter

Another method for breaking steering wheel lock without key is to use a bolt cutter. Bolt cutters are heavy-duty tools that come in handy for breaking padlocks, chains, wire fencing, and the like.

Step 1 – Position Your Bolt Cutter

First is to wear goggles as a safety measure. Then place and position your bolt cutter as you open up its jaws to break the lock of the Club.

Step 2 – Breaking the Lock

Use enough force to squeeze the jaws of your bolt cutter to break the lock. By doing so, you have now released the Club steering wheel lock.

Club Steering Wheel Locks Mechanism

These steering wheel locks are anti-theft mechanisms to prevent thieves from being able to drive away your car.

One of the more popular and recommended brands in the US is The Club. It is a long metal rod with hooks at each end that can be attached to your steering wheel.

Use the club steering wheel lock to immobilize your steering wheels and brake pedals. It can be unlocked by using a key, putting together the two rods, and releasing its clutches.

How to Open a Club Steering Wheel Lock?


To open the club steering wheel lock, you can use the lock key that was provided when you first purchased the Club.

If you have lost the key, the Club can still be opened in different methods. These include using a screwdriver and hammer to break the lock, Freon, and Bolt cutters, as mentioned, to defeat the club steering wheel lock.

It is also possible to contact a locksmith to help you out in unlocking and opening the Club steering wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are the Club Steering Wheel Locks Effectively?

The Club steering wheel lock is one of the best and most commonly used anti-theft devices for vehicle security. It is also budget-friendly, which can range from $22 – $63.

However, the most effective and efficient steering wheel lock you can use is the Disklok Steering Wheel Lock.

The Disklok completely covers and secures your steering wheel and is made of hardened steel, making it extremely difficult to break and deter car thieves.

Reasons Why a Steering Wheel Locks When Parked

One of the most common reasons why a steering wheel locks up when parked is due to your car’s safety mechanism to prevent car theft and uncontrollable car movements.

Other reasons may include a damaged car key, a faulty ignition lock system and steering column, which restricts steering wheel movement, and accumulation of dirt in the lock cylinders.

Is a Steering Wheel Lock Hard to Break?

It is possible to break steering wheel locks like the Club since thieves can break the steering wheel lock with tools such as a hacksaw.

A few steering wheel lock brands are very reliable and efficient in providing quality and maximum security to your vehicle.

The Prolock Steering Wheel Lock is resistant to heavy-duty tools such as hacksaws and bolt cutters, making breaking impossible.

The Milenco Steering Wheel Lock is also considered the strongest steering wheel lock as it cannot be defeated by hacksaws or freezing the lock mechanism.

Can Car Thieves Bypass Car Alarms?

Thieves can bypass a car with alarm by jamming its signals and cloning your key fobs through locksmiths to access signals to deceive car engines, thus unlocking your car door lock pin.


There are different methods to unlock a steering wheel lock that we have discussed in this article. You can use the screwdriver method, freeze the lock, or use a bolt cutter to break it.

Also, a highly secure and reliable steering wheel lock discourages car thieves. So make sure you pick the best steering wheel lock out there.

So now that you have learned how to break the Club steering wheel lock, you won’t need to worry about how to unlock it. Feel free to share this article with your friends.

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