Why Does My Car Keep Locking and Unlocking Itself? & How to Fix?

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why does my car keep locking and unlocking itself

Why does my car keep locking and unlocking itself? This happens because of the actuator malfunctioning, torn wiring of your vehicle, broken key fob, and more.

Worry not, it’s a rather common problem, and there’s some quick solutions to it once you determine the cause. Read on to know everything we’ve learned about what might be going on and how to fix it.

What Are the Reasons That Your Car Keeps Locking and Unlocking Itself?


Although there are many ways to fix your door locks going crazy, you first need to locate where exactly the problem lies.

You can take it into the shop for an inspection. A certified technician can determine what’s causing the issue so it can be addressed appropriately.

1. The Key Fob Does Not Work Properly


Suppose your car locks itself after unlocking, or the car locks itself automatically. In that case, that means your car’s key fob may not work correctly, and this could be causing issues. If the key fob is damaged, the car will not recognize it and attempt to lock and unlock itself.

You can reprogram the keyfob to see if it works; of course, make sure to replace the batteries first. However, the cost of reprogramming can be over $100. You might also need to replace the key fob if it does not work anymore.

2. Blown Fuse


Your car may experience a blown fuse. A blown fuse could be caused by many different reasons, such as the battery being disconnected or overcharged or the alternator not working correctly.

If you suspect your car’s locks are locked due to a blown fuse, drive your car to a mechanic to check the connections where the lock wires run down to the fuse box under your hood. It is time to replace the lock motor if any wires are damaged.

3. Weather conditions


The car keeps unlocking itself if there is enough ice or moisture inside. In addition, if there is snow on the ground and you drive over it, the moisture from that snow will get into your lock mechanism and cause it to malfunction.

This is why you should always keep your car covered or in a garage when it’s raining or snowing and ensure no snow or ice around your keyless entry device.

4. Problems with solenoid


If your car door keeps unlocking itself and the handle does not even work, then there’s a chance that your solenoid has failed and needs to be replaced.

The solenoid is part of the ignition switch assembly, and it has two jobs: to unlock the steering column when you turn the key in the ignition. When your car locks itself, it may happen because of solenoid problems.

If you need help replacing your vehicle’s solenoid, contact a mechanic who can help eliminate this annoying door locks keep going up and down problem once and for all.

5. The insulation of the lock’s wires


A car’s locking and unlocking issue can also come from the car wire’s worn insulation. Due to the malfunctioned door control system, you will have trouble locking the car.

A quick check-up at your local mechanic will help you identify if it’s the main issue.

6. The actuator


Your car unlocks itself overnight might just be the fault of a broken actuator. Problems arise when the wires inside the actuator fail to transmit signal due to wear and tear. You might notice noise when the lock is powered on and off suddenly.

Again, you cannot solve this issue yourself, so take your car to a professional for a replacement of the actuator.

How to Fix Car Central Locking System


My power locks keep locking and unlocking, so there must be something wrong with the center locking system; what should I do?

Well, here are some simple steps to fix your car’s central locking system, as well as a few things you can do at home to help keep your car running smoothly:

  • Check for any debris caught in the mechanism. Remove any debris and ensure that everything is free from dirt, hair, and other materials not designed for use with a central locking system.
  • Clean the inside of the door lock cylinder with rubbing alcohol. This will ensure that there are no pieces of debris or debris from other locks stuck inside.
  • Reset the cool unit near the fuse box of the car after checking it. You can just disconnect and reconnect its battery

If none of these options work, something else may be wrong with your car’s wiring system or with another piece of equipment. Please take it to the shop to have it checked by a professional repairman for the best recommendations.

1. Car door lock repair cost reference


The cost to repair a car door entirely depends on the issue you run into. Please review the costs below in light of the issue.

Problems Cost (USD)
Broken fuse 10 – 12
Defective solenoid 40 – 55
Actuator 95 – 110
Panel defect 130 – 200
Complete panel repair 200 – 250
Wiring issue 160 – 280

2. Will my car lock if I leave it running?


If your vehicle has an ignition key, you can start it with one key and use a different key to unlock the driver’s door lock. You cannot lock the door when the engine is running while driving, and you have a push button start.

3. Do cars lock themselves when parked?


No, modern cars with GMC doors don’t all automatically lock themselves. Still, specific high-end models do if left unoccupied for a long time. Such a function can be found in vehicles, including sensors that can recognize passengers sitting in the car cabin.

4. What should I do if the car locked itself with keys inside?


Take your spare key if you bring it along. If your car has a companion app, download it to unlock the door. Use any tools you can provide, such as wire clothes hangers, string, or fishing lines.

To make it quick, you can call a recovery service

5. Do car doors normally lock automatically? How to disable/reset the central locking on my car?


Many premium car models allow the doors to lock automatically. For standard cars, it might be just an issue of the locking center when the door locks and unlocks without command.

To disable the central locking, you might need to take out a fuse to this system, which is shown in your car manual. However, avoid doing this.

6. Why did my car lock itself with a key in the ignition?


When turned too far in one direction after being switched off, the steering wheel of many automobiles locks in place.

Also, the ignition cylinder of the car is locked by doing. Turn the ignition switch back to the “On” position to fix this, and release the steering wheel.

7. Why do my car door locks keep clicking?


Either the door lock actuator or switch is broken. You’ll need to conduct some electrical testing for this.

You could remove the door lock fuse to prevent total shorting out and potential burnout of the item. Of course, you replace the fuse after the automobile is fixed.


So ultimately, we can say that “Why does my car keep locking and unlocking itself?” is highly unlikely for it to occur for no reason. Suppose it’s an intermittent problem, weather conditions, or problems with your key fob, solenoid, and fuse. Check around the car for short.

Suppose something else is needed to help resolve the issue. In that case, consider taking your vehicle to a local mechanic or dealer to evaluate the problem.

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