Do You Tip for an Oil Change at Jiffy Lube? If Yes, How Much?

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do you tip for an oil change at jiffy lube

Do you tip for an oil change at Jiffy Lube? For your information, it is not mandatory, but you can do so out of your goodwill and as appreciation for the good services rendered.  

To help you better understand what to do in case you find yourself wondering, we have expounded on the topic, and covered points such as:

  • Are you supposed to tip at Jiffy Lube?
  • When to or not to tip?
  • How much to tip if you decide to?

Jiffy Lube’s Policy on Tipping


There are no explicit company policies regarding whether to tip or not at Jiffy Lube. Nonetheless, you will find that each shop has its own rules on:

  • Whether customers should tip
  • If mechanics should accept tips, or
  • Whether the tips should go to the mechanics or shop.

The best way to find out is to ask when you take your car for service. That way, you will know if the one you intend to tip will happily receive it or if it will land them in trouble if there’s a no-tipping policy.

Also, you should know whether the tips are distributed to the ones doing the services or if the shop owner keeps them when you add a tip on top of the payment. Because, mostly, you would want to tip the person who serviced your car.

When to Tip at Jiffy Lube


While you should not feel obligated to tip as it is not mandatory, there are instances in which you would want to tip the car mechanics. Here are some of those instances:

  • When you are a regular at the same Jiffy Lube shop

If the same oil change guy is the one who always works on your car, you would want to build a good relationship with them. And what better way than to leave them a tip?

In most cases, the mechanic would gladly serve you and show extra care to your vehicle when you are known as the tipping customer.

  • When you are given good service

Imagine going to a Jiffy Lube shop and finding mechanics ready to know your car problem and take care of things as if you were the best customer ever to visit the shop.

After the service, if you are left with some extra cash, you would want to leave a tip.

  • When you are sure the service person get the tip

If you decide to give a tip to the shop manager or owner, you should know that some may choose to keep it for themselves rather than hand it to the intended mechanic or share it with the team.

  • When it’s a holiday

It would only be fair to tip the mechanic who takes the time to work on your car when other people are celebrating a holiday.

How Much Do I Tip at Jiffy Lube?

In most service-based industries in the USA, tipping rates are 10-20% of the money you have spent on the service.

But, considering that the average amount you would spend on a visit to an auto repair shop is not on the lower side – usually, it can cost between $500 and $600 – you might feel that a 10–20% tip is on the higher end.

1. Tip offer rate


A fixed-rate tip of $5 to $20, depending on how you feel the service was, would be acceptable.

2. How to tip


You could give $5 as a token of appreciation for services rendered. Where you feel the mechanic did exceptional work, you can give $20 or more, depending on if you have it and the cost of an oil change at Jiffy Lube.

Mostly, when people think of tipping, they would rather tip for personal services and in the hospitality industry. They don’t tip mechanics for an oil change.

And this is because mechanics earn more compared to, say, servers at a restaurant. According to, the average hourly rate for mechanics is $23, with most making between $20–$26.

However, Jiffy Lube mechanics earn below the average at a dealer. Much as it’s not an obligation to tip the mechanics, you might consider that when deciding whether to tip or not.

For context, here’s how much they earn:

Customer Service Technician $11.18
Lube Technician $14.80
Guest Service Agent $14.04
Automotive Mechanic $16.27
Automotive Service Manager $17.81
Customer Service Manager $17.89

When Not to Tip


Even as a good tipper, there are some situations that you would want to hold on to that cash.

  • You have been left with no extra cash. Tipping should be from the heart and not an extra burden. If all you had was the money for your oil change, you should never feel guilty for not tipping.
  • The mechanics were rude, or the service was unsatisfactory.
  • The mechanic also happens to be the business owner. After all, you have already given them business by visiting their shop.
  • The Jiffy Lube shop has a no-tipping policy – If you tip at such a place, you could put someone’s job on the line.

The Pros and Cons of Tipping at Jiffy Lube

  • If you are known as a tipping customer, it could earn you better services.
  • You are making the mechanics happier and boosting their morale for the excellent job they do, and they might go the extra mile for your car during your next appointment.
  • You are contributing something small to the mechanic’s earnings.
  • Some mechanics commercialize tipping and might not give the best service without a tip.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether or Not to Tip


Here are some things to ponder about before deciding whether or not you want to give your mechanic a tip:

  • Does their auto shop accept tips?

Ask them if it is okay to leave a tip before you or they get into an awkward situation over something you did with good intentions.

  • Are you a regular customer, and how do they treat you?

If you always go to the same place for your oil change and other car services, and they always do justice to your car and at a fair price, then you can leave a tip as a token of appreciation.

  • How much has the appointment for the Jiffy Lube service cost you?

If you feel the amount you have spent for labor is enough to cater to their pay, you don’t have to tip. Also, if the cost has gone beyond your budget, you shouldn’t feel obligated to tip.

  • Consider the amount you want to tip; can you equate it to their offered service?

Sometimes, you might see a mechanic go out of their way to solve problems you didn’t even pay for. In such cases, it will be great to tip them as a token of appreciation.

Alternatives to Tipping at Jiffy Lube


Besides a cash tip, there are other ways you can show your Jiffy Lube mechanic that you appreciate their service (aside from saying thank you, of course!). Here are alternatives to tipping:

  • Give the service a positive review

Today many people check online reviews before engaging a business for the first time. Imagine what a glowing review would do to your favorite Jiffy Lube. It could attract more business to the auto shop.

  • Spread the good word about their services

Rather than tipping, especially when the Jiffy Lube owner is also the mechanic, recommend them to your friends or anyone interested to know where you do your oil change.

In fact, they would benefit more from new customers than just your tip.

  • Gift them

A mechanic who also owns the shop will more than likely refuse a cash tip, but you can give them a gift card or some other gift of your choice for their good services.

What Do Car Mechanics at Jiffy Lube Think About Tips?


Just like any person in another service industry, a mechanic at Jiffy Lube would be delighted to get a tip as it shows you appreciate what they have done for your car.

The only difference would be the kind of service. Like, an oil change is quite an easy task for a mechanic, and a tip would be a surprise to them. But for a complex job that makes them go out of their way, they would expect you to be kind enough to tip them.


When a mechanic offers great care and service to your car, tipping shows you appreciate what they have done. And in most cases, it will only boost morale and leave a smiling face on a mechanic.

So, to answer your question, do you tip for an oil change at jiffy lube?, the answer is you should decide based on various factors we provide above.

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