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free oil change stickers

For whatever conscious or unconscious reason, you’ll sometimes overlook your scheduled oil change which can put your engine in a detrimental position if left unresolved.

Attaching free oil change stickers on your windshield is one simple yet effective way to remind you exactly when you have to drain and change your engine oil. This non-obstructive sticky reminder will help you strictly stick with proper drain intervals.

Read here to better understand the importance of oil change service stickers.

Benefits of Free Oil Change Stickers

Oil changes are a necessary evil– you’re maybe not too keen to do them but they are a critical maintenance measure to keeping your engine’s top condition.

Here are some benefits of using these oil change labels as reliable oil service reminders.

1. Convenience


What could be more convenient of an oil service reminder than a small, non-obstructive sticker on your windshield? Whether labels are printed or hand-written, these sticky or adhesive reminders are effectively convenient notes.

Eliminating the need to memorize or write on a piece of paper which you’ll likely be going to lose, oil change stickers remind you every time you access your driver seat of the next exact date or mileage you need to drain your oil and the oil grade you are to use.

Moreover, oil change stickers are weatherproof, UV resistant, easily removed, residue-free, and even customizable upon your preference.

2. Help You Observe Your Scheduled Oil Change


According to one automotive survey, around 42% of do-it-for-me customers or those who brought their cars for a professional oil change point to oil change stickers that prompted them to do an oil change.

Now that these sticky labels constantly remind you, there’s no more reason for you to miss out on your service schedule. Oil change stickers are made primarily to remind you, so it’s only fitting that you follow its label strictly.

3. Cleaner and Smoother Engine


Now that these sticky reminders prove successful in making you stick to your oil change schedules, it’s time you reap its benefit– a cleaner and smoother engine.

Motor oils are regarded as the engine’s lifeblood so regularly keeping them in check with regular change or top-up will promote a healthier engine condition and performance.

Regular oil changes prevent leaks and wearing of internal components which can cause more serious problems in the long run. Preventing these issues goes a long way in prolonging your engine life.

4. Let You Track Your Due Mileage


Sometimes to cope with your tight schedule, you may be tempted to go slightly over just a few more miles on your drain interval until you find time to do a DIY oil change or bring your car in for a mechanic to do the job for you.

However, delayed oil changes can seriously harm your engine, especially if frequented. More so if your engine is old since a slight delay in oil change can potentially increase engine wear.

Oil change stickers contain the recommended (and exact) mileage interval for your next oil change, so it’s best to still rely on these labels to not go over the required distance interval.

Service stickers recommend drain intervals through time and mileage since oil breaks down whether used or not. So it’s best to track how long you have traveled and don’t miss out on your next oil service.

How to Obtain and Get the Most Out of Free Oil Change Stickers


You’ll usually get free oil change stickers once you bring in your car for a professional oil change. Your mechanic will put one on your windshield to remind you when you need to get back for your next oil service schedule.

But if you are more of a DIYer who still wants the reliable reminder that oil change stickers give, you can easily purchase them online or in-store. They are inexpensive and can be customized depending on the information, label, or design you want to use.

Observing the oil service recommendations from your car manual while acknowledging your mechanic’s advice remains the best way to ensure you get the most out of your oil change stickers.


As trivial as they may appear, free oil change stickers are reliable and practical reminders of your oil service schedules. Sticking to your car manual’s required drain interval or your mechanic’s advice is the way to prolong engine health and performance.

Next time you go for an oil change, make sure to use these sticky labels and never miss out on your service schedules ever again.

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