Get Started

How do I get started in rallying?

Becoming a driver is a big commitment that takes time, money and hard work, yet it is a rewarding experience to test you as a driver in the purest form of motorsport on the planet.

First, you should check out a rally in person, either as a spectator or volunteer worker. Being a volunteer at a rally will enable you to meet with teams, drivers and rally officials, ask them questions, and get a general sense of what it really takes to be involved at any given level.

Next step would be to read the rule book – there are some very specific restrictions outlined in the Rally America rule book that you should be aware of before purchasing or building a rally car.

We recommend purchasing a car that is already built and “log booked” for Rally America competition, meaning that it has been deemed legal to race in rally by the sanctioning body. If you were to build one it would be a longer process, cost more money and increase the probability of mistakes. However, some people are confident in their car building skills and want the experience of constructing a rally car to their tastes.

Be sure to read the Rally America rule book and to purchase safety equipment.

Rally America recommends beginning with a two-wheel drive car, such as the Volkswagen Golf. Not only are car parts plentiful and cost effective, the car will provide enough speed to properly learn to be a better rally car driver.

Once you have spent money on a car you can gain additional driving training in the many rally car schools in America. See this list for a rally school closest to you:

  • DirtFish Rally School – Snoqualmie, WA
  • The Firm Rally School – Starke, FL

When you are ready with a car and have the necessary safety equipment you will need to purchase a Rally America competitors license, then you can enter a Rally America event.

Still have questions? Please contact us.

We hope to see you in the woods!