GM6094m Oil Spec: The Best Oil for Your GM Vehicle

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Looking for suitable engine oil that meets gm6094m oil spec is a must. That’s because many people still run old car models, and using the latest specifications might not be the right choice.

If you belong to this niche of vehicle owners, then this blog might be for you. In today’s blog, we’ll be featuring some of the approved oils that can still be found in the market that have the components of gm6094.

Overview of GM6094M Oil Standard


General Motors (GM) created the GM6094m oil specification, which is catered to service classification SM engines. In short, it is a GM standard compatible with old vehicles, specifically 2010 and older.

This specification has great compatibility with passenger cars and trucks. It supported and functions for low-temperature ventures until it was let go by GM. Later on, a new specification was released, Dexos 1

That improvement doesn’t stop there, as numerous versions were released by GM to further cater to the new engines. These new versions are the Dexos 1 Gen 2 and Dexos 1 Gen 3.

1. Purpose and Importance of Oil Specifications


An important variable when buying motor oil is checking its specification. Oil specification comes up in every engine oil as it can help differentiate the options in the market. Also, it can help identify which formulation is suitable for a vehicle.

These specifications are vital as they are placed to show proof that those products have undergone a series of tests. API, or American Petroleum Institute, is the entity that ensures this proof.

Usually, it comprises the viscosity or the ensured thickness of the lubricant. You might have noticed the 5w-30 or 10w-30 labels on the packaging. Those characters will guide vehicle owners on the compatibility of the product.

Meanwhile, another factor is the service classification. This classification provides a clearer impression of which engine models they are suitable for. Thus, securing the correct oil to ensure functionality.

In short, choosing a random motor oil isn’t enough to ensure the vehicle will run smoothly. These lubrication specifications are created to provide a simple guide to motor oil buyers. That way, a functional engine is ensured.

2. GM6094M Oil Benefits


As mentioned, GM6094m is a predecessor oil standard created by GM. Due to its compatibility with older engines, it can be safe to relate conventional oils. With this type of oil, it ensures balanced lubrication for older engine models.

Since the GM6094m oil standard was identified for low temperature. That means a lower viscosity grade is ideal. That’s why finding low-viscosity conventional oil types would be a great start for acquiring the correct engine oil.

Of course, this type of oil isn’t the first choice, as synthetic oil types can also match the standard of GM6094m. Let’s check some of the conventional and synthetic oil products below!

Approved List of Oils for GM6094M Specification

1. Castrol GTX

This conventional oil ensures a sludge-free engine with its formulation. The Castrol GTX includes additives for anti-wear and protection that help with preventing sludge formation.

Moreover, it can cater to a high temperature with its viscosity grade range, which is common for conventional oils. You can choose among the following choices:


  • 10w-30
  • 10w-40
  • 20w-50

Other available Castrol products: Castrol SLX Professional 4718, Castrol Syntec, and Castrol Syntec Blend

2. ACDelco

ACDelco oil is a product from GM that provides optimized protection. It ensures a sludge-proof engine with this great product. Unlike the previously featured product, the ACDelco provides lower viscosity grades like:


  • 0W-40
  • 5W-30

Other available ACDelco product: AC Delco Full Synthetic

3. Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is a fully synthetic product by Mobil. This product also ensures a high level of protection for the engine. Despite being compatible with modern vehicles powered by gasoline, it is one of the approved GM6094m variants.

Furthermore, the Mobil 1 has a wide range of viscosity grades, such as:


  • 5W-20
  • 5W-30
  • 10W-30
  • 15W-50

Other available Mobil products: Mobil 1 Extended Performance, Mobil 1 Truck & SUV, Mobil Clean, Mobil Clean 5000, Mobil Clean 7500, Mobil Clean High Mileage, Mobil Super 1000, Mobil Super 2000, Mobil Super HP, Mobil Super S SM, and Mobil Super Synt S SM


GM6094m oil spec remained an ideal reference for a better lubrication system despite being replaced by a more improved specification. Old engines requiring this specification can thrive and function as several engine oils match the standard.

The list above is some of the most sought products that matched GM6094m. Also, don’t forget to check your vehicle’s manual to ensure the chosen engine oil is the correct lubricant.

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