Ignition Coil Replacement Cost & How to Save Your Money

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ignition coil replacement cost

Ignition coils are one of those car parts you’d need to replace immediately once broken. Maintaining a good ignition coil condition is vital in ensuring a smooth and powerful engine so replacing a faulty coil should be part of your maintenance.

On average, you’d pay around USD 200- 300 for the ignition coil replacement cost. Along with labor costs and actual ignition coil pack price, other factors could affect the entire cost you’ll be paying.

Read on to know more about changing ignition coil, the factors that affect replacement cost, and some tips to save some money.

How Much Does an Ignition Coil Replacement Cost


Spark plugs and coils cost often come hand in hand as they work complementarity in the ignition department. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to replace them altogether if one fails.

Replacement part: $35 to $300

When the ignition coil breaks down, you’re looking to spend between $35 to $300 on buying the replacement part alone, depending on the brand, coil type, and the car you drive.

Service cost: $60 – $120 per hour

If you opt for mechanics to do the replacement for you, they’ll typically charge $60 to $120 per hour, and the labor cost will still depend on the replacement time.

4 ignition coils replacement: $200 to $300

If you’re driving a Chevrolet or other models with a V6 engine, which has more coil, you’ll also be paying more on labor costs and actual replacement part price. In total, the cost to replace 4 ignition coils will land you between $200 to $300.

If you may be asking why are ignition coils so expensive, it’s because they are precision auto components that need to be manufactured with top-notch quality in mind, plus labor costs and other factors need to be taken into cost consideration.

But the cost remains fairly reasonable for a component that is typically replaced every 5 years.

Factors Affecting Ignition Coil Replacement Cost

How much you’ll pay for a new ignition coil depends on many factors. Here are the common considerations that affect the replacement cost of faulty ignition coils.

1. Car make and model


Your car make and model has something to contribute to the replacement cost of your ignition coils. When you have regular daily drivers such as Camry, Corolla, or Elantra you’ll likely pay less expensive replacement parts.

But when you drive a BMW performance car, you can expect to shed a few more dollars since these car types are normally equipped with high-end ignition coils.

2. Labor cost


As mentioned in the breakdown of cost earlier, labor fees form a significant percentage of the overall replacement cost of ignition coils. If you bring your car to auto shops they can additionally charge you with a shop and garage fee.

These additional costs can further hurt your pocket, but they can be avoided if you opt for a mobile mechanic or learn to DIY your coil replacement.

3. Engine type


Newer cars with electronic ignition systems, while reliable, may require more time for repair since it can be harder to access the faulty coil as more parts need to be removed first.

4. The actual price of replacement parts


Whatever preference or criteria you consider in purchasing new ignition coils is completely up to you but this remains a main factor that will affect your overall replacement cost.

Although not ideal, buying remanufactured or aftermarket replacement coils can be a cost-saver than opting for original parts (OEM). However, OEM components remain safer since they’re specifically manufactured for your car.

Also, there are dangers in purchasing aftermarket parts as they can be of low quality and without warranty protection. This risks replacing your ignition oil with another faulty component.

Tips to Save Money

Ignition coil pack replacement will not cost you a fortune, but it will be nice if you can save some cost on this important task. Here are a few tips to help you save some money every time you need to replace a coil.

1. Learn the simple task of replacing the ignition coil


Replacing the ignition coil can take fairly between 30 minutes to a few hours. Nevertheless, it’s a task you can do yourself in your garage over the weekend. This allows you to save on labor costs.

2. Buy ignition coil replacement in set


While you can buy ignition coils individually, it is better to purchase them by pack to get some savings. Whether you wish to replace only the faulty coil, buying them by set is a basic money-saving tip.

3. Purchase quality replacement coil


Make sure to only buy quality brands for your ignition coil– affordable options don’t automatically mean the cheap ones, they’re the products that will make the best out of your every penny.

While reliable brands may be more expensive, it still guarantees a longer lifespan which will avoid unnecessary cost from the repeated replacement of cheap ones.

4. Proper maintenance


It goes without saying that proper maintenance is key in ensuring your car components stay in top condition. This goes the same with the ignition coil.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the signs of bad ignition coils?

Like when other critical car components fail, a bad ignition coil will also alert you by showing some signs and symptoms. Here are the signs that you need to bring in your car for repair or replacement of ignition coils.

  • Check engine light is on
  • Misfiring engine
  • Backfiring engine
  • Drop in fuel efficiency
  • Harder engine start/ ignition

Once you can tell that these symptoms are present, checking your ignition coil should be one of your immediate measures. Prompt replacement of faulty ignition coils is important to avoid further issues with your engine.

How long do ignition coil packs typically last?

Ignition coil packs do not break down quickly, they will last a reasonable amount of time and mileage before needing replacement. Typically, you must replace your ignition coils within 5 years of service or 100,000 miles.


While ignition coil replacement parts can cost as little as $35, other factors can considerably add up to your overall bill.

It is important to remember that ignition coil replacement is a straightforward task that does not require any special tool. With this, you can put in some time and effort to learn and do the replacement yourself to save on labor costs.

With a 5-year replacement interval, ignition coil replacement cost is always a worthwhile investment and a critical maintenance measure.

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